Pro Total

Heating oil in Germany soared some how been yesterday due by the sustained demand in LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Dramatic financial situation in the United States? Today nothing was on the commodity futures exchanges thereof. Here investors took advantage of the moment, say positive US consumer figures, and again to invest in crude oil. This increased moderately, at least so far, that it is back on the stand last Friday, when it seemed the commodity world still in order and before as we now only apparent – know the total crash began. So the quotes were seen over the week, a zero-sum game. In this country the opportunity heating oil customers but cheap to buy. On Tuesday, when they were at their lowest prices with 79,29 euros for 100 liters (at 3,000 litres total order), buyers on more, or in this case hoped better, less.

That did not however. Instead, the quotes raised slowly, a boom that continues to today, Friday ordered the consumer faster. Yesterday soared as especially heating oil in this country. Federal average to 1.13 euros to 82,44 euros heating oil prices climbed Pro 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres HEL. Week average fuel oil cost 80,62 and is compared with the last two months, relatively inexpensive. Find the full article and many more information to the energy market on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau.