Heating Homes

Winter – a good time of year. Skating, skiing, snowboarding and other fun. But for owners of country houses, the winter – a cause for concern. It is associated with emotion – whether the heating system to cope with cold snaps a boiler, Do not freeze the water in the pipes For what would be your home was always warm, you should choose the correct heat for it. Modern heating systems can run on different fuels.

One of the best options will be heating the house with the help of diesel fuel. The advantages of such systems – autonomy and comfort. Heating diesel does not require constant supervision by the home owners. Sufficient time to time refill the diesel tank of fuel, and the system will operate autonomously, without bringing trouble and worries. Heating such a system will occur due to circulation of heated coolant through the pipes. Heating process takes place in heat exchangers. For storing diesel fuel, you can use the fuel tank.

This is a small tank, usually made of crosslinked polyethylene. Fuel tank capacity can vary from 500 to 3,000 liters. With this volume, dimensions of capacity are relatively compact. Petrol tank is free to fit in the boiler room or basement. On many vessels cause the special markup, by which you can track fuel boiler. To connect the diesel tank to the heating system can use the fix package. So, if you want to save a few thousand rubles, you can get the materials at hand – hoses and other accompanying details. Have the capacity for storage of diesel fuel can be in different places. If space allows, it is advisable to place it in the room. For example, next to the boiler or in the basement of the building. If the same place no, or no desire to have the tank in the house, you can arrange a fuel tank on the streets or bury in the ground. In the latter case, the tank should be placed in a small container. This is done to guard against the effects of land and water. When installing a tank for diesel fuel is to provide the possibility of periodic refueling. Filling in the following way – drives a car, and from it into the tank held fuel hose through which allowed fuel. A few words about the fuel consumption for heating homes. It is calculated based on the capacity of the boiler. For the nominal efficiency, the boiler consumes about half a liter of fuel for every ten kilowatts of power. For example, the boiler at 20 kW will consume about ten liters of diesel per day. This is despite the cold. At positive temperature, flow rate is much smaller.