Holistic Education


In his participation in the trilogy of Holistas Dialogues Galician Doctor Ramon Nava mentions: Always I have thought that the knowledge not only is important insofar as it helps us to be better human beings. When this playful imperative separates, it loses all their value and can get to become an obstacle for our own illumination, only the knowledge that makes us mature, to be better and more compassionate he is genuinely real. Considero that what has been said by author of the trilogy Holistas dialogues is words that much meaning has because that one person who manages to become like being human and who their facts and attitudes are very different from previous that person has obtained the knowledge and advanced by the way of the accomplishment. A boy can obtain this yes is educated integrally, with a Holista Vision. Paradigm that considers to the human being in all spheres cultural, physical, social, mental, and like essential and the very important one the SPIRITUAL. We can the professors to contribute our sand grain in this process of the development of he brings back to consciousness of our students? . A good educator educates what it is, an educator takes control of its abilities, and so it does and so it speaks.

In Holista Education the professor prepares itself first like main factor to take this interaction with his students in the classroom. A sensible educator, given, happy free of fastenings makes of the education an art. Only those that they do not have an integral philosophy of life they will spill in its students anger the frustration and aggressions that take inside. In the Holista Education one works taking care of the educative process of the boy, in her becomes that the students feel profits, happiness and love by the life, consider his priorities as is the development of intrapersonal intelligence, respecting and stimulating other intelligences that already it owns, is to him the importance of the art where it will show and develop his creativity that takes inside, stimulates his autoestiman and security occurs him and confidence, he discovers its espiritualidad and in this way it would form a happy human being that he does not fear to the life acquiring a self-knowledge that will be to him useful to coexist and to work jointly with its resemblances, he will obtain a logical thought superior that goes abrir his brings back to consciousness to see the consequences of its thoughts, their acts, their words beyond the immediate surroundings surround that it.