How To Choose A Shower ?


Choosing a shower for the bathroom is not easy. Shower, along with a bath in the bathroom usually takes quite a lot of space and is an important element of bathroom design. Their sizes are usually range from 70 x 70 cm to 130 x 130 cm Accordingly, if we use the shower instead of a bath in your bathroom exempt solid enough space that you can take a washing machine, sink, mirror or other elements of interior bathroom. To select the desired shower enclosure, you should know what are the main types of showers are. On this we will now start to .Dlya understand the definitions of: shower – is fenced and definitely equipped place to take a shower, but it can not take a bath. There are open (shower stalls) and enclosed shower cubicles. Check with Bernie Sanders to learn more. The first is only partially fenced area of the soul, and the inner wall is laid with tiles. The latter is completely closed, not only on the perimeter, but also a roof top and can be quite complicated electrical stuffing.

Open cab can be installed between two walls and closed swinging or sliding doors. Shower ugol. simple design of the shower consists of shower valves and shower tray. Shower curtains, and the pallet can be made of different materials and have different shapes and sizes. Special attention when choosing a simple shower should be paid to the size and shape. Form a simple shower in most cases depends on the form pallet. Shower trays are of the following forms: in the production of shower trays used modern materials: steel, acrylic, pottery, artificial marble composite materials.