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How To Choose A Shower ?

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Choosing a shower for the bathroom is not easy. Shower, along with a bath in the bathroom usually takes quite a lot of space and is an important element of bathroom design. Their sizes are usually range from 70 x 70 cm to 130 x 130 cm Accordingly, if we use the shower instead of a bath in your bathroom exempt solid enough space that you can take a washing machine, sink, mirror or other elements of interior bathroom. To select the desired shower enclosure, you should know what are the main types of showers are. On this we will now start to .Dlya understand the definitions of: shower – is fenced and definitely equipped place to take a shower, but it can not take a bath. There are open (shower stalls) and enclosed shower cubicles. Check with Bernie Sanders to learn more. The first is only partially fenced area of the soul, and the inner wall is laid with tiles. The latter is completely closed, not only on the perimeter, but also a roof top and can be quite complicated electrical stuffing.

Open cab can be installed between two walls and closed swinging or sliding doors. Shower ugol. simple design of the shower consists of shower valves and shower tray. Shower curtains, and the pallet can be made of different materials and have different shapes and sizes. Special attention when choosing a simple shower should be paid to the size and shape. Form a simple shower in most cases depends on the form pallet. Shower trays are of the following forms: in the production of shower trays used modern materials: steel, acrylic, pottery, artificial marble composite materials.

Childs Room Individuality

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The Layout and the comfort of one’s home is a problem that concerns every home owner. Located in a high-rise building a separate apartment or country cottage: any housing owner wants to transform the personal views, respectively, to create its most convenient for you. In this case, call a designer for many of our contemporaries with you until it becomes an unattainable luxury. But fascination with what is even open, because in the specific journals and the Internet is possible without difficulty to find adequate forms: bedroom interior, interior room or kitchen. The concept provided qualified designers, in any case will take place some way from conception to implementation, and transformed in a way to make your own home, with the extraordinary and extremely beautiful. Able to create your home from a large number of different concepts derived from different resources – not to the extent so prohibitive idea.

In fact, if there is a desire to draw your own house unconventional – always will be found and opportunities. Including lack of special education can not be an obstacle. Because studying photos of interiors, in any case, you can find a suitable idea for the implementation of which does not require too much finance and free time. And while the concept remains quite precarious, so that your home is perceived by a unique and beautiful. In particular, significantly draw imaginative interiors for children’s rooms. Since it is known that artistic taste and sense of style are formed directly as a child. For this reason the interior of a child’s room as a fundamentally essential for the formation of a sense of comfort the child, as much for his future, at the same time – and for real-life position.

For the tiny interior is much more significant role in encouraging research and intellectual activity. A small child, early childhood which is held in personal dreams. And so that dream was realized, need just a little – only wish. A ready-made ideas and methods for their implementation is always a real find in special periodicals.

Roberto Straccia

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It is a talent. Talent for self-expression. But why do not we write? And if you write, you have to think about every word. The text does not pour itself. Read it is not so easy. Before you criticize – try it myself. Maybe it would be a shame because, that he had not a single detail. Everything is fine, but not all Anyway can you be a genius that needs work? I think not.

This is already an invention. The fruit of labor. Artificial thing. Work of genius is the fact that came to light through illumination, easily, without coercion, and very natural. I see such a collection Orizzonte.

It is unusual, easily and naturally. But it is unusual as the only door. But in principle it is a reflection of nature. She was named Horizon But only if it can be seen in the horizon? I have only one model standing in our showroom, find, and haze, and the waves and the sand and even eyes. His path is created by nature, the rings of a tree. One of our consultants recently said that for the first time for everything months that the door is in our showroom, he found it so. He goes on to explain this "so". But that's not what he said. The fact that it has forced me to draw on the door my attention. And you know, I realized that every time stops and starts looking at her, you see something new. It is different, alive. Perhaps the creator of the collection, Roberto Strachchia, sat on the beach and watched the sunset, which each time before us a new one. and I saw it cut a tree Smooth Smooth lines All the versatility of bending the rings and now we're looking at the door in and see her in the horizon