Indexing A Blog To Google

To which I would like my new blog indexed in google this? Then to get traffic to my new blog, and here? Well now that’s more complicated, but if you tell it is very important as it is one of the first steps to achieve it. When you create a blog first thing you think is yaaa monetize it with Adsense and I’m making money … there profusely. Most people think this, but after a few days to realize that no one ah visited your fun new blog. And what is happening? What’s wrong? Well, one reason you do not have visitors to your new blog is because your new blog ah not been indexed in the Google databases. Goolge index in a bog is actually very easy if you take into account some important thing.

The fastest way to be indexed in google and probably the most important is that Google will index the category (read keyword) that you choose and for this we create an article and publish it in a directory of articles. For example, if you created a blog to make money online, your keyword might be “How To Make Money On Internet” then create an article this title and as you place this keyword, and the body of the article will place a link pointing to your new blog, it is very important that the link of your blog is in the keyword you have chosen in this case “How To Make Money Internet“, because so Google indexes your new blog with this keyword. It is very important to be indexed with our keyword, your new blog so it will be found in this category.