Easy Creation Of Individual Vehicle Backgrounds On The Internet

Consistent look and feel in the vehicle supply ensures better recognition in the stock exchanges. In the vehicle exchanges such as Autoscout24.de, mobile.de and the individualization of the own offer for trade is becoming increasingly important. Therefore the trend continues unabated, to make the background of the own vehicle pictures increase the recognition value uniform. So far, it was reserved to present its own vehicle offering a uniform appearance on the Internet car trade only under power (more expensive) professionals or the experienced user. Now, even the untrained user without prior knowledge with the easy online can-designer quickly and easily design his own layout and in combination service of AoS24 auto-online-service GmbH, provided its vehicle pictures with a uniform background Usingen can with the 24-hour. The handling is very easy. After successful registration, easy-focus.com is easy online at first-time use-called designer. Here the future look and feel is exemplary designed and laid down.

Existing layout can the customer uploaded his photos immediately. It is processed with appropriate credits within 24 hours of the fixed-width layout. The cutting out of the vehicles and fit in the layout of the customers are billed per image: 1.50 EUR / 2,00 VAT without/with editing of the vehicle ground. 100 images price on request. An automatic mail informs the customer that his images along with the corresponding invoice download is available.

The easy-online-designer was AoS24 for the interested car dealers developed and may without prior registration free of charge under easy-focus.com tried are. There a sample vehicle is chosen in step 1 and via a selection menu determines whether only the background or also the ground on which it stands is to be changed. In all cases, the result is displayed in real time. The style of the background is set in step 2: effect (can be the original background of the vehicle in three graduation options fade, disperse or) Blur) default (wallpapers sorted by topics) our own background (E.g. the square in front of the own sales building) In the step 3 / the own logo (s) in the image can be inserted from prescribed brand logos. Free placing and resizing with the mouse is possible. Also a brand logo can uploaded and be freely placed. A Bildstorer (address, etc.) in the lower or upper part of the image can be inserted in step 4. This can be selected from a variety of presets. The individual company entries are either written directly in the troublemakers or in the corresponding field of the Edit mask. Font size and position be changed via slider. Font, bold, italic, underline, and color adjusted using the existing buttons. “Tip: who’s playing with the idea to make this layout edit his pictures through the AoS24 service should save it and download the source via the button” on his computer back up. After a later registration can the layout be uploaded again and it saves you the creation of a new design. Press contact: Wolfgang Seip CEO AoS24 auto-online-service GmbH Street 1 c 61250 Usingen phone: 06081-448755 (requesting more pictures here) over AoS24: AoS24 auto-online-service GmbH, Usingen is one of its kind in Germany the leading service providers and counts among its customers several branches of Daimler, Audi, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen, Chrysler and many major car dealerships. AoS24 was for its easy-dialog-technology used car business 2007 Innovation Award “awarded by the Vogel-Verlag.