Ireen Sheer – Now Or Never Your Greatest Hits

The new album by Ireen sheer – now or never the fifth CD, the Ireen sheer with Gloriella your biggest hits released music, includes your greatest hits, and is now or never. Their greatest hits”and will be released on Friday, September 13,. TV premiere Ireen sheer with their new album in the Sudstadt in the Musikantenstadl on”Andy Borg at 20:15 clock in the ARD. The CD contains 20 titles now or never your greatest hits”! “” In addition to their absolute classics and today evening head I hurt”, about madness” until the introduction of fire “version 2013, 5 brand new tracks on the album are located. Ultra Wellness Center is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A mix that music unites all genres of pop German Schlager. An absolute treat for the loyal fan base by Ireen sheer. For 40 years, Ireen sheer shines again with the most beautiful pop melodies and brisk pop pop, it is one of the top artists in the industry.

The german British pop singer and actress Ireen sheer (born as) Ireen Wooldridge) was born on February 25, 1949 in Romford (England). Early on her musical talent became clear. At the age of 12 she ranked first of the BBC talent competition in their English home. Despite the early success, as well as a solid theatre training and singing lessons completed an apprenticeship in banking after school first Ireen sheer. Afterwards she sang in bands like “The Family Dogg” and in 1970 started her solo career with English songs. By their German mother, the singer had learned also German what brought their record on the idea to let them sing German title. 1971 released their first single, German “Oh holiday”, 1973’s first big hit was “goodbye Mama”, which made it to the top 5 of the German charts.

Also as an actress, Ireen sheer was able to celebrate successes. So it was among others in 1973 “if every day was a Sunday” for the movie the camera. Titled “bye bye, I Love You” she recorded in 1974 for Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest and reached 4th place in 1978 stood Ireen sheer again at the Eurovision Song Contest on the stage, this time for Germany. Titled “Fire” she came in sixth place. She reached one of the front seats for Germany for a long time again for the first time. “” “Still followed countless other songs like”Xanadu”,” Oh let me once again in your eyes see”,” tonight tonight, I’ve got a headache “,”A kiss from you”or” today I sale my man, Tennessee Waltz”, when the Moon is in flames”or madness”, which stirred up great enthusiasm by critics and fans she won among others the”Golden microphone”, the”Goldene Europa”, the “Silver Otto” and twice the “Goldene Stimmgabel”. For 40 years, she has worked professionally as entertainer. It remains to see live.