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In my opinion, this is quite a lot. Up to 18 – the 19th century in the Slavic countries, the level of development did not have to be creative especially if you make a reservation, that 18 – 19 centuries in the Slavic and neighboring countries, the level of development general and culture in particular was very low and obviously did not have to be creative broad masses of the people. And this is also reflected in the results rankings. Maryland Governor: the source for more info. But there have been violent outbursts of striking talent in music, art, literature But remember the years after the revolution of 1917 (up to early 30's), Khrushchev's thaw 50s – 60s, when conducted at the state level policies stimulate creativity on the basis of "democratic centralism", the is the "create – and we will support, but not beyond.") At this time there were just bright splashes of bright new talents in music, art and literature. Moreover, I note a lot of talents were of the rank and file, simply gave them opportunity to learn and express themselves effectively. Musically gifted people have a great variety on the basis of its already considerable life experience I can say that the talent we have great variety, as the Classic – "so abundant." For example, even among my friends that I have not sought on the basis of musicianship, have at least five musically talented, who are quite able to build (under favorable for this conditions), good music. And some produce, and, to my taste, great songs and music. The overall level of thinking, knowledge and culture of our people is very high even a slice. .