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In phase one, the topics are named, for which new solutions must be found. Most important is to create spaces for innovative employees. Visit Risa Miller for more clarity on the issue. As a best practice, van Aerssen here called the principle of 20 percent”of Google: every software developer should spend a day per week with for him interesting topics, which have nothing to do with ongoing projects. Some interesting Google applications are resulted”, explained van Aerssen. In the second phase, it comes to collect ideas about six-Hat thinking, brainstorming, mind mapping, and to evaluate three phase.

The achieved successes in the company must be celebrated in the last phase to establish a culture of innovation. In practical terms this means: good ideas and their implementation need to be rewarded. Because praise motivated and in turn releases energies for a new cycle of innovation. Benno van Aerssen is thinker, visionary, innovator, motivator, trainer, coach, speaker and author with creativity, ideas, passion and empathy. He is a leading authority in the field of innovation culture and also the founder of an innovative company in the Internet business that makes today market leader virtual learning environments such as VW, O2, or eBay. “With his company Studio for ideas” he stands for brainstorming, Innovationcoaching and innovation management for companies and brands.

As a book author and TOP 100 speaker at speakers excellence, “Benno van Aerssen is expert on the subject of innovation. “Also he gave many lectures, workshops and seminars, such as: in the education campaign of the WAZ Media Group 2010: sovereignty at work and in everyday life” (“his subject: staff be your innovation culture encourage”) the intensive workshop for leaders of the regional economy of Lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce (creative Innovationcoaching”) at the Petersberg coach days 2012 (revolutionary idea management enterprise”) at the ITB Berlin 2011 (“with ideas opportunities creating or what Apple cores have with your market success to do”) Benno van Aerssen as speaker can be booked for: kick-off events, leadership meetings, congresses, fairs, customer and employee events, u.v.m. “” “” “” “He speaks, inter alia on the following topics: success active ingredient innovation culture with new ideas to the sustained market success” out of the comfort zone in the come-forward zone “fear of creativity – myth or bitter truth?” more creativity for more sense perception in the job and a good work-life balance “innovations start in the personnel office or the Ferrari story what can mean for your company” courage to specific differentiation on the success mile “curiosity the raw material for your success” away with the myths of creativity set the free creative power of your teams’ contact, the innovation coach and creative consultant as a speaker for an event, meeting, etc. to book or as a consultant, to engage a coach or trainer: Atelier for ideas GmbH press contact: Magham corporate Katja Magham border Ahornallee 13, 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821 760 93 14 / mobile: 0174 30 23 463