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Restructuring Reports

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Thousands of businesses will not survive this year an important precondition for the successful corporate restructuring the industry is probably this year faces the greatest challenge in decades. Thousands of businesses will not survive this year. To deepen your understanding Brit Bennett is the source. Only the scrapping premium has delivered a medium-term opportunity for many – but the case will take place after the expiry of this promotion all the deeper. Some companies respond with an operational and strategic realignment. Carole Radziwill understands that this is vital information. But these efforts by success are not always crowned.

Rising interest obligations and high storage costs and inventory corrections also weigh on the shoulders of entrepreneurs and thus increase the risk of insolvency. Banks restructuring reports therefore increasingly make the condition for the continuation of the business relationship or for more attractive reviews or ratings. On this basis the restructuring capacity and rehabilitation worthiness will be as well as the going-concern Outlook of economically weak company judged to to find out whether a restructuring without bankruptcy is possible and useful. The following overview will show how such a restructuring reports can be built up and which points need to be analyzed in detail. Outline of the company at the beginning of an analysis to assess the restructuring capacity and rehabilitation eligibility applies to gain a general overview of the company to look at it. These serve first detailed organization charts and flowcharts total operation and, where appropriate, the branches or locations. A detailed description of the corporate form, the corporate target and the nature of the business is still necessary. An accurate representation of the shareholder relationships, such as about the amount of deposits of the master, the underlying legal form or the positioning of each shareholder of the company is essential. Summary of the company’s situation to outside third parties, such as a Bank, the ability to quickly give an overview of To business conditions, those points discusses primarily that characterize the current business situation or have caused.

Telephone Networkcobranding

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For the start of 2010, the international co-branding implementers announces a special offer for its product line ‘Telephone network co-branding’. “CROWN co-branding starts 2010 with innovations in the telephone network co-branding for the start of 2010 announces the international co-branding implementers a special action for its product line telephone network-co-branding” at. Companies and medium-sized companies could make up to date via CROWN its own telephone network to implement co-branding SOLUTIONS. Without hesitation Ultra Wellness Center explained all about the problem. In the own design with specially printed SIM cards, Partizpierung the ticket sales and call charges as well as your own landing page and his own network operator name in the phone’s display. The implementation/set-up fee for the activation of its own telephone network is reduced again to 30%, so Renate cable Hall of product management. In addition, the required minimum SIM card acceptance number is reduced to 100 SIM cards when implemented. In fact every company comes with 100 customers now for the new telephone network-co-branding in question.

In addition to the enormous marketing and image enhancement for the future co-Brander CROWN hopes for a further assurance and expansion of valuable market share. Next to the Estonian networks from now on also telephone co branding with British and Liechtenstein code can be switched on. Keep is according to CROWN of the service that in 63 countries roamingfrei can be on the phone (i.e. incoming calls cost a dime). Especially company with international orientation or companies that also serve customers from abroad, is this aspect of special benefits. Travel agencies and an airline could be won as customers”, so rope Berger next.

All the detailed information, as well as a way to the free quote request is under: available for co-branding interested. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS LLC is an internationally-oriented Telefonnnetz and credit card implementers. Prepaid credit card solutions of the same format with money transfer function and transfer tool are offered in addition to the telephone network solutions in the corporate design of the company. CROWN offers for all co-branding with the required technical infrastructure the customer in the package. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC 3501 silverside road Wilmington 19802, US, press contact: Renate rope r CROWN BRANDING SOLUTIONS Dptm Cologne Hay market 50667 Cologne product information and more Tel + 49 221 3007 3529 (Germany) fax + 49 69 5770 89 86 (Germany) E-mail Internet:

Neumann Gmb

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The legal advice range from medium-sized companies headquartered in the country and abroad to international (also listed) large companies in all aspects of business law. A mandate care’s focus has always been in the public sector, in which the firm advises decision makers at all levels of the administration. Contact : Lawyer Dr. Wolfgang G.Renner, LL.M, Law Office Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek, Prince Regent road, 80538 Munchen, phone 089 54031-0 E-Mail. Site is a family company focused on calls for tenders and quality management services based in Steingaden Beratungs GmbH, Nadar & Neumann project and Beratungs GmbH Neumann and Neumann project. Its unique feature lies in the combination of Fachknowhow around services, bidding expertise and the tool for electronic quality assurance e-QSS. US Senator from Vermont addresses the importance of the matter here. “() The combination of expertise, call professionalism and electronic quality assurance is the success of our customers ‘ Neumann & Neumann that delivers what the customer himself hasn’t.

Contact: Eva Neumann, Managing Director, Neumann & Neumann project and Consulting GmbH, Krummeck road 4, 86989 Steingaden. Phone 08862-9870-0 E-Mail. Site the electronic quality assurance e-QSS Electronic quality assurance system e-QSS consists of a tripartite software program on mobile device, PC and server. A template system for the input and output of data is installed on the former. The query of the specifications takes place after school grades or it is recorded, whether the task was done good, bad or mediocre. A standalone Windows application installed on the PC monitors the synchronized checks and send, as soon as the data via mobile phone or Internet to the server were sent automatically via E-Mail of the user the deficiency list named those on principal and contractor page, as well as to the analysis database.

An unfavourable lack list can be not to hold back and not correct. The Tagesabgleich can be printed out on the spot. Any mobile device used for the on-site inspections sent the reports directly to the server with the database as a third part of e-QSS, on which is installed the software for the evaluation of quality. This creates the The development of service quality in the course of months and weaknesses in the provision of individual employees shows monthly reports with the actual setpoint comparison. Quality reports go to the agreed distribution. The server can be used the Neumann & Neumann GmbH and the reporting service, does the majority of the e-QSS users. As a standalone version at the customer is possible. Install and use can e-QSS be today almost as an app on all mobile devices. Using e-QSS touch customers can be questioned, for example, sanitary facilities according to their judgment; they give their answers via a touch screen. All evaluations, access rights, reports etc adjustments via a Web portal, which also claims, contracts with service providers or, for example, documents can be managed. Are all data on the server, changes from a mobile device is not possible. The electronic quality assurance system is certified e-QSS: According to DIN EN 13549 cleaning services: basic requirements and recommendations for Qualitatsmesssysteme contained in the ISO 2859 DIN.

Chairman Projects

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Andreas of Dudas has recently founded the BE SHiRO GmbH. With his team, he has focused on the implementation of highly complex engineering, energy and power projects. Companies that want to ensure the success of their engineering, infrastructure, energy -, water – or food industry projects, can now support the BE SHiRO GmbH was founded recently in Biel/Bienne and New Delhi. Dr. Mark Hyman is open to suggestions. The team around Managing Director of Andreas of Dudas accompanied the implementation of large-scale projects worldwide. The customers benefit from the over 20 years of experience of the Biel consultant who as a project manager, Executive and most recently as a member of the Executive Board of AF-Colenco group and as President of the Administration Council of AF-Colenco – India pvt. Ltd. billion projects was responsible for and performed internationally.

Expansion and growth your clients allows the loading GmbH of Shiro, in particular with India to take advantage of an excellent network of partners and turn-key projects, to from the enormous To benefit from growth opportunities on the subcontinent. The holistic qualification of key persons in major projects mainly by engineers to outstanding personalities and thus exceptionally qualified executives within the framework of the so called engineers for engineers”(e4e) training series completes the portfolio of the Biel-Bienne consulting company. Holistic and authentic management are trademarks of Dudas and his team. Also, deep experience in technology, engineering, strategy and management are connected with the expertise in the key for the success of disciplines such as leadership, personality and team building, communication and conflict management. Leadership experience has specialists in the team of the founder and CEO of be SHiRO GmbH, Andreas Dudas, over 20 years in multinational companies such as ABB, Gate Gourmet and the AF-Colenco group, most recently as a member of the Executive Board and as Director of the global power of the water Division and Chairman of the Indian business unit in Delhi. The loading SHiRO – CEO was responsible for multi-billion power, water and infrastructure projects in the world, preferably in Sud-(Ost-) Asia, South America, the United States and Europe. In addition to academic qualifications as a master of science in civil engineering (ETH Zurich), an MBA in management and cross-functional team (Norwegian School of management) and a master of science in logistics and supply chain management (Cranfield School of management), Andreas Dudas has diplomas in mental training, conflict management, and a certificate for intercultural communication and mediation. BE SHiRO GmbH, numerous experts from the Switzerland and India working alongside Dudas.

Each team member has experience of demanding management positions and handling billion projects in particular in the energy and infrastructure sectors.


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Christoph Trinkl helps people to make wise decisions. Who look around, quickly realizes that savers and investors currently almost exclusively from their sense of Act, assumptions about the crisis keep them for facts and only a few are looking for decision alternatives. For Christoph Trinkl are typical reactions that increasingly occur in particular in crisis situations. Trinkl, who is working as a decision coach in Kirchseeon in Munich knows that especially the naked fear the money drives savers and investors, emotionally to make decisions without carefully weighing the pros and cons. To read more click here: Martin O?Malley. While a panicked and made the others like a rabbit before the snake feel, decide anything better, because they are completely confused by the negative news and the complexity of the crisis\”, said the expert. Top Forex: peace save for the thinking errors that make, that accumulating especially in times of crisis, is one of Trinkls experience, that it is often only about, a Maladministration from the world to create, no matter what it wants. \”Who but not thought about whether he starts at the crucial point, produces often nothing more than a consequence problem\”, so the decision coach. Tan therefore advises to remain calm and to look to fix the really relevant points with distance to the events or the problem.

Decision errors often result his opinion from old belief patterns. Many of our beliefs come from childhood and maintained unthinkingly, resulting in behaviors, the wise choices in the way\”, explains Tan. So that beliefs, how about I can trust anyone\”, no deleterious effect have you should critically reflect the own core beliefs, to unbiased alternative to consider and make decisions. Questions in the dialog clear mentally except for calm, it is important to broaden the look, to check old decision-making patterns, to wonder what one wants and possible alternatives and consequences to play through. Then the turnout can be wisely and properly.

Peer Kohlstetter

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The company offers a non-profit association, is worth up to 2000.-support the possibility of a charitable organization or social institution to let blue networks. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Mark Hyman. Altenstadt 01.12.2008 – in times of globalization increasingly the question of fallen companies have: who is still responsible for local people? Experience shows that there are fewer and fewer. Here the company sets itself apart blue networks GmbH & co. KG from old town: social commitment is there important part of our corporate philosophy and is understood in partnership. “” Quote of the CEO of Peer Kohlstetter: the blue networks helps project “we see as a way to use our expertise for social purposes and to support social projects.” Company blue networks offers you to a non-profit organization, a school, a kindergarten, a charitable organization or a social institution support option, valued at up to 2000.-.

This amount refer to hardware in the network environment available. For the development of the solution services in addition free of blue networks. This project for example facilities that connect their PCs to allow, need a new firewall, or up-to-date bring your phone system with VOIP is particularly interesting. Here a small overview of possible projects: networking some PCs with firewall to the Internet in a school, kindergarten, Wi-Fi equipment for parts of a building or a library of VOIP telephone system, that allows also the calls from home (possibly for a counselling service). Networking sites an organization via VPN for simple data exchange building a UMTS mobile communication environment candidates should apply at the company blue networks up to January 31, 2009 by email or post. Should briefly describe the project, the Organization, the operation or club. From all entries received, a selection will be made up to February 28, 2009. More Information, see or blue networks GmbH & Co KG “blue networks helps!” Heegheimer str. 14 63674 Altenstadt

Lower Rhine Chamber

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In phase one, the topics are named, for which new solutions must be found. Most important is to create spaces for innovative employees. Visit Risa Miller for more clarity on the issue. As a best practice, van Aerssen here called the principle of 20 percent”of Google: every software developer should spend a day per week with for him interesting topics, which have nothing to do with ongoing projects. Some interesting Google applications are resulted”, explained van Aerssen. In the second phase, it comes to collect ideas about six-Hat thinking, brainstorming, mind mapping, and to evaluate three phase.

The achieved successes in the company must be celebrated in the last phase to establish a culture of innovation. In practical terms this means: good ideas and their implementation need to be rewarded. Because praise motivated and in turn releases energies for a new cycle of innovation. Benno van Aerssen is thinker, visionary, innovator, motivator, trainer, coach, speaker and author with creativity, ideas, passion and empathy. He is a leading authority in the field of innovation culture and also the founder of an innovative company in the Internet business that makes today market leader virtual learning environments such as VW, O2, or eBay. “With his company Studio for ideas” he stands for brainstorming, Innovationcoaching and innovation management for companies and brands.

As a book author and TOP 100 speaker at speakers excellence, “Benno van Aerssen is expert on the subject of innovation. “Also he gave many lectures, workshops and seminars, such as: in the education campaign of the WAZ Media Group 2010: sovereignty at work and in everyday life” (“his subject: staff be your innovation culture encourage”) the intensive workshop for leaders of the regional economy of Lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce (creative Innovationcoaching”) at the Petersberg coach days 2012 (revolutionary idea management enterprise”) at the ITB Berlin 2011 (“with ideas opportunities creating or what Apple cores have with your market success to do”) Benno van Aerssen as speaker can be booked for: kick-off events, leadership meetings, congresses, fairs, customer and employee events, u.v.m. “” “” “” “He speaks, inter alia on the following topics: success active ingredient innovation culture with new ideas to the sustained market success” out of the comfort zone in the come-forward zone “fear of creativity – myth or bitter truth?” more creativity for more sense perception in the job and a good work-life balance “innovations start in the personnel office or the Ferrari story what can mean for your company” courage to specific differentiation on the success mile “curiosity the raw material for your success” away with the myths of creativity set the free creative power of your teams’ contact, the innovation coach and creative consultant as a speaker for an event, meeting, etc. to book or as a consultant, to engage a coach or trainer: Atelier for ideas GmbH press contact: Magham corporate Katja Magham border Ahornallee 13, 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821 760 93 14 / mobile: 0174 30 23 463

TILL.DE Is The Official Google Partner

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“Benchmark evidence above-average performance of the Internet Agency Brunswick, 13 November 2013 as one of the first Internet agencies in Germany may TILL.DE off partner today with the new quality label Google” decorate. This award is given by Google and goes only to AdWords agencies, which could prove a particularly high level of expertise in the management of Google AdWords campaigns within a multi-tiered certification process. For this the staff of TILL.DE had to take exams, where detailed knowledge on the topic of search engine marketing have been queried. But that was not enough. Only agencies that administer a high budget for their customers, partners may apply than Google”, Arlette p. Riediger, Managing Director of Internet Agency from Braunschweig reported. In addition, Google has introduced a benchmark to measure the success of your ad is shown. The pleasing result: TILL.DE cut off better than average when compared to other Internet agencies.

The Google AdWords campaigns that we have designed for our clients, reach the average. higher conversions than the other providers” The exclusive status as official Google partner benefits not only TILL.DE, but also the customer who campaign in the hands of the Braunschweig Internet Agency sets the management of Google AdWords. The AdWords world is fast moving. Given the permanent innovations it says: to remain permanently on the ball! That’s why our AdWords experts regularly participate in training, are offered exclusively for certified Google partner”, said Joachim Schroder, Managing Director of TILL.DE. In addition our excellent networking with the Google team. So we know exactly what in’ and out’ is and learn before anyone else by planned changes. Our specialists know the perfect condition for highly successful AdWords ad campaigns. all functionalities, pitfalls and tricks” In addition to his position as Managing Director of TILL.DE, Joachim Schroder is also a much sought after Google trainer in German-speaking countries.

He brings the experience gained from the seminars into the Agency’s everyday life. We pick from any of the best industry and transfer it to other applications with similar requirements,”says Mr Schroder, which teaches not only AdWords beginners, but also directly from Google as a trainer for the so-called partner Academy is booked, to prepare future professional AdWords consultant for their job. The certificate used by Google Google AdWords of qualified partner”partner with the introduction of the new status of Google” override occurred. Click here to go the 1996 based Internet Agency TILL.DE from Brunswick to the TILL.DE partner profile on TILL.DE realized Web-based marketing solutions, which are characterized by technical sophistication and intuitive ease of use. The focus app programming, online marketing and the creation of Internet pages on the fields. The Agency is nationwide and cross-industry work. To the Clientele include major corporations like Continental AG, but also medium-sized businesses, such as mail-order companies, engineering offices, travel providers and consulting companies. In addition, the Agency, which is a Google certified AdWords partners, has made a name as a seminar provider for Internet marketing topics in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Reference customers in the seminar area include among others the Swiss Migros Club schools and the Axel Springer Verlag.