TILL.DE Is The Official Google Partner

“Benchmark evidence above-average performance of the Internet Agency Brunswick, 13 November 2013 as one of the first Internet agencies in Germany may TILL.DE off partner today with the new quality label Google” decorate. This award is given by Google and goes only to AdWords agencies, which could prove a particularly high level of expertise in the management of Google AdWords campaigns within a multi-tiered certification process. For this the staff of TILL.DE had to take exams, where detailed knowledge on the topic of search engine marketing have been queried. But that was not enough. Only agencies that administer a high budget for their customers, partners may apply than Google”, Arlette p. Riediger, Managing Director of Internet Agency from Braunschweig reported. In addition, Google has introduced a benchmark to measure the success of your ad is shown. The pleasing result: TILL.DE cut off better than average when compared to other Internet agencies.

The Google AdWords campaigns that we have designed for our clients, reach the average. higher conversions than the other providers” The exclusive status as official Google partner benefits not only TILL.DE, but also the customer who campaign in the hands of the Braunschweig Internet Agency sets the management of Google AdWords. The AdWords world is fast moving. Given the permanent innovations it says: to remain permanently on the ball! That’s why our AdWords experts regularly participate in training, are offered exclusively for certified Google partner”, said Joachim Schroder, Managing Director of TILL.DE. In addition our excellent networking with the Google team. So we know exactly what in’ and out’ is and learn before anyone else by planned changes. Our specialists know the perfect condition for highly successful AdWords ad campaigns. all functionalities, pitfalls and tricks” In addition to his position as Managing Director of TILL.DE, Joachim Schroder is also a much sought after Google trainer in German-speaking countries.

He brings the experience gained from the seminars into the Agency’s everyday life. We pick from any of the best industry and transfer it to other applications with similar requirements,”says Mr Schroder, which teaches not only AdWords beginners, but also directly from Google as a trainer for the so-called partner Academy is booked, to prepare future professional AdWords consultant for their job. The certificate used by Google Google AdWords of qualified partner”partner with the introduction of the new status of Google” override occurred. Click here to go the 1996 based Internet Agency TILL.DE from Brunswick to the TILL.DE partner profile on TILL.DE realized Web-based marketing solutions, which are characterized by technical sophistication and intuitive ease of use. The focus app programming, online marketing and the creation of Internet pages on the fields. The Agency is nationwide and cross-industry work. To the Clientele include major corporations like Continental AG, but also medium-sized businesses, such as mail-order companies, engineering offices, travel providers and consulting companies. In addition, the Agency, which is a Google certified AdWords partners, has made a name as a seminar provider for Internet marketing topics in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Reference customers in the seminar area include among others the Swiss Migros Club schools and the Axel Springer Verlag.