Telephone Networkcobranding

For the start of 2010, the international co-branding implementers announces a special offer for its product line ‘Telephone network co-branding’. “CROWN co-branding starts 2010 with innovations in the telephone network co-branding for the start of 2010 announces the international co-branding implementers a special action for its product line telephone network-co-branding” at. Companies and medium-sized companies could make up to date via CROWN its own telephone network to implement co-branding SOLUTIONS. Without hesitation Ultra Wellness Center explained all about the problem. In the own design with specially printed SIM cards, Partizpierung the ticket sales and call charges as well as your own landing page and his own network operator name in the phone’s display. The implementation/set-up fee for the activation of its own telephone network is reduced again to 30%, so Renate cable Hall of product management. In addition, the required minimum SIM card acceptance number is reduced to 100 SIM cards when implemented. In fact every company comes with 100 customers now for the new telephone network-co-branding in question.

In addition to the enormous marketing and image enhancement for the future co-Brander CROWN hopes for a further assurance and expansion of valuable market share. Next to the Estonian networks from now on also telephone co branding with British and Liechtenstein code can be switched on. Keep is according to CROWN of the service that in 63 countries roamingfrei can be on the phone (i.e. incoming calls cost a dime). Especially company with international orientation or companies that also serve customers from abroad, is this aspect of special benefits. Travel agencies and an airline could be won as customers”, so rope Berger next.

All the detailed information, as well as a way to the free quote request is under: available for co-branding interested. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS LLC is an internationally-oriented Telefonnnetz and credit card implementers. Prepaid credit card solutions of the same format with money transfer function and transfer tool are offered in addition to the telephone network solutions in the corporate design of the company. CROWN offers for all co-branding with the required technical infrastructure the customer in the package. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC 3501 silverside road Wilmington 19802, US, press contact: Renate rope r CROWN BRANDING SOLUTIONS Dptm Cologne Hay market 50667 Cologne product information and more Tel + 49 221 3007 3529 (Germany) fax + 49 69 5770 89 86 (Germany) E-mail Internet: