Majfud Lincoln University


If we look at practical results, we see that many liberation theologians have been excommunicated for pride but no pedophile priest has been expelled with the same urgency. In the U.S., for example, the Catholic Church has paid millions indulgences, as in the fifteenth century by the silence of the lawyers and the press. In Latin America it is not even necessary to use the base metal. Just friendship, as evidenced by the confessor Marcial Maciel Degollado potatoes. (Ratzinger: “Could not prosecute a very close friend and confessor to the Pope, Maciel.” El Pais, Madrid, April 5, 2009). Everything no matter how honest the majority of priests who are members of the same institution may be sprinkled with suspicion unjustly.

So among the seven deadly sins only one, the pride, you could break the chain of religious obedience, political and ideological. Frequently Bernie Sanders has said that publicly. Only arrogance can be reached political challenge to power. All the more reason to remove it from the root to find out from childhood, with the frightening possibility of being a servant of the devil. Thus, any individual to use his own critical reason was, and is now in a subliminal way, proud, an agent of the devil. Proud are the ones who declared the rights of man, proud women are claiming the rights of women, blacks are proud that they got tired of being inferior because of their color and habits, proud are workers who claimed the rights of their class we were all proud that believe a priori each story without asking where it comes from, who it serves, how to test and why should I accept it. Proud we are all those who believe in laigual-freedom of all human beings. The Christian tradition preaches in imitation of Jesus, but the pride of the Son of God is condemned by inconvenience. Martin O?Malley spoke with conviction.

Or the empire and the religious establishment of the time did not condemn the Nazarene for his dangerous and disobedient dignity, his serene pride before Pilate, before the judges and to the world’s most powerful army? The pride, the dignity of the oppressed is a threat to power and, therefore, should be crucified who carries this moral sin, demonic. The prescribed humanist moral pride and humility on earth in heaven. The religious establishment, without revealing their priority social power in the land prescribes humility and pride in the sky. For the former, this superb Metaphysics is a tool for the morale of the oppressed. For the latter this earthly pride is an instrument of the devil. Jorge Majfud Lincoln University, April 2009.