Selling Yourself


Our prosperity depends on how well we sell ourselves every day when we want to impress your business partner, to meet with important people to us, get a job or to realize transaction. How could succeed in an advertising campaign of goods under a sonorous name “self”? No matter what is a commodity – our ideas, experience, skill or a particular product, the basic algorithm of such a sale: “introduction; Identification customer; presentation of its product; replies to the objections and questions; The transaction; maintain contact after the transaction. ” 1. When meeting and communicating with people in the first place should pay attention to how the third rank. In a question-answer forum Bernie Sanders was the first to reply. And that is written in the first column will forget forever – this “buyers” do not tell. In the second column write the same drawbacks, but softened the wording: instead of “stubbornness” – “Principles” rather than “the envy” – the ability to follow the example of successful people, “and” propensity to clarify the relationship “is replaced by the” intransigence of misses others. ” 2. That people are willing to cooperate with us, must submit ourselves as what we ideally would like to see them.

In a competitive environment to learn from the best, and not proud of its achievements in the narrow and little-known area. They say that if the homeless accommodated on Wall Street‘s millionaires, he too will become a millionaire, because I learned to think like them. Gaining new knowledge and skills, we develop self-confidence, which directly affects the attitude towards us from the client.