Making Money On An Idea


We need to be able to turn the idea is not just a commodity, but in a stall of goods and services. In this case, I simply chose the only one good resource and has not yet sketched out the idea, it did not close. From all the above three major looming problem, deciding that we will begin to turn the idea into information goods: Objective 1. Search and selection of ideas. Once again, if you ‘re looking for the perfect, super-unique, the one and only idea I can assure you, you do not have time in this life to enjoy the fruits of its implementation. I suggest the following ways of selecting ideas. A) The ideas, based on their own knowledge and skills, and b) ideas someone suggested (eg the Internet); B) A combination of paragraphs A and B (my favorite and well used path) objective 2. Trying an idea (I call it a revival of the idea) just to start playing.

Drop all ‘is not I ‘,’ impossible ‘,’ I do not know ‘and other crap. Get the buzz from this game. What you can do something to add, how to improve? Mix and match, fantasy, sketch out a plan, selling the text (which by the way I am doing this in their mailings). Spoon on the shelves, disassemble and reassemble. In what format it is better to implement, video, audio, text version, etc. Novelist has plenty of information regarding this issue. etc. And most important: Do not think about money, which you must earn by using of the idea. Think about how to do something interesting and useful for your future customers.

If you have a will, no doubt, will and money. Problem number 2 you will always decide, regardless of whether you have your product, your business or are you still working on it. This is the most interesting and useful process. This process is for the idea, as high quality fuel for the engine. And if the idea of a world a little life, then it should not stop there. It must be constantly boil, boil, change. This implies the third and probably the most important task. task 3. Just start doing it. Remember I said that ideas invented or suggested by much more than ideas implemented. So this factor depends on the implementation of solutions to this third problem. I say the third time, do not aspire to the ideal. Start with small-and-scarlet steps, but start, and then go and roll like a snowball. Will it easily? None. But it’s worth it. and to have done. Learn constantly. Invest money in the knowledge that must be applied in practice. Just start doing it. And a very important point. Never give up. To solve this problem you need the will, patience and time. As Napoleon Hill wrote in his book “Think and Grow Rich” that is the craziest luck came one step away from destruction So do not throw their beginnings, before reaching this important step. And finally, the very by itself, without you, the idea is worth nothing, so do not forget: The idea, as the raw gem, on which it is necessary not enough work to get it flashed all their faces and began to destroy its beauty and personality.