Reduce Fuel Consumption


A lot of money does not happen. And gasoline too! Any driver only rejoice if the appetite of his car will be less. But here's what cost? For all the good things have to pay, and low fuel consumption is no exception. Let's talk about how to save gasoline, about what should or should not be sacrificed for the sake of the economy. Basics of the relevance gasoline theme usually causes interlocutors genuine interest. But it is necessary to draw the curves of specific costs and result in multi-storey design formulas containing 13 (!) values, as listeners look cloudy. One yawn, but say nothing, do not ask for another fool to his head and explained on his fingers. He will be right a hundred percent.

And although without physics and mathematics can be difficult to formulate a thought, if this is possible – it's easy to understand! To deal with excessive voracity can only be a serviceable vehicle. This is the basis of it to start. Compression in the cylinders engine should be the norm, the power supply system and ignition system are organized, bearing chassis is easy to rotate, and friction linings of brake pads when the vehicle is not idling shkryabat on discs and drums. For fuel economy in the crankcase and gearbox from the recommended plant list is better to pour the oil that the thinner (within reason, of course!). Particular attention is convergence-collapse. In short, keep car in good condition. Even if you are the representative of the minority and fuel consumption do not pay attention – still do not regret it.