Mobile Device Programmer

roloFlash for AVR microcontrollers allows the mobile usage through the practical USB stick format. The consistent omission of controls, incorrect operation are virtually impossible. The company halec develops and distributes products to simple Flash microcontrollers. As a prelude for a range of in-system programmer is now available roloFlash for AVR microcontrollers. Preparation on a microSD card firmware to Flash at the end and a little roloBasic script are stored. Former Maryland Governor follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The easy scripting language roloBasic allows a very flexible process.

Use the applications for roloFlash includes both small and medium-sized production lines in the industry, as well as in engineering as also the service area and the after market support. After inserting a microSD card so prepared it can be used roloFlash for example in a production, there assemblies with microcontrollers in the manufacturing process to Flash. For this purpose, no PC is required. By abandoning controls, one is conceivable easy achieved, so be Incorrect operation principle due to greatly reduced. In five two-color LEDs provide information on the progress or the outcome of the process. Another area is the mobile Flash from machines that are set up for industrial customers. This customer can then play a new firmware without induction. The motto is accordingly “onto ready”. Videos: video 1: roloFlash preparation video 2: roloFlash usage advantages mobility, universality, security Fehlbedienungssichere updates at your customer no PCs and specific tool-chains needed in field / customer environment / series and small batch production uniform process for all supported microcontrollers families electric potential-free affordable solution specifications supports Atmel AVR series with ISP-interface controller: AT89 AT90 ATtiny (not ATtiny4/5/9/10) ATmega programming of the microcontroller to be programmed 6 pin ISP connector power supply via the microcontroller (2.0 5.5 volts) programming Flash EEPROM Fusebits (LO, HI, EXT) Curly bits supported file format: Intel HEX (“. hex”) supported memory card formats: microSD, microSDHC Ralph of Haddad halec