Network Life

Life is a story that is not is written, we with our behaviors who are we going framing, and with our relationships with others who are going by typing it. Covet behave you and relate to you so that you do not have to remember that it is expected or ideal to do, but which is always much better to let flow and live situations as they are coming to when arrive to the end of the road you can say that you have truly decided what life exactly wanted to live. Not live thinking about what life would be ideal to win the match point, and than the other like you have, but be yourself who decide what life live, and at the end it will be worth the party, point win with a moment of luck, simply and often is much more worth the match played, to which we have to play. Coincidences, chance, luck and match points there are many us around, I hope that you animeis to compatirlos to help us recognize them when they appear, and that no dejemos pass up the opportunity. We sometimes do not realize the importance of our relationships, moments that can change our future and the opportunities it offers us life, taking points of the match and missed by not knowing them recognize. They had a moment of luck and took it to play his best game. I hope that ye may know recognize when you get good matches, play them and if above much better win the tournament.

One who said better luck that talent, knew the essence of life. People are afraid to acknowledge that much of life is dependent on luck, scared thinking how many things are beyond our control. In a game there are times when the ball hits the edge of the network, and during a fraction of a second can continue forward into the or? It was behind.