River Paje


They are Jose of Egypt de Pernambuco started in 1830 for initiative of some farmers of the headboard of the River Paje, in Forest fires, southern valley of the Mountain range of the Borborema and point of confluence of the Stream They are Filipe with the river Paje. Construiram a dedicated chapel of taipa Is Jose, what it determined the formation of a population in the small farm. It has three lguas, to the east, in the old farm of Are Peter, already it had another old chapel of this invocation, of the previous century, which is origin of a town in the place. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Mclaughlin. Its inhabitants turn with bad eyes the spring town and had judged to be one of the elements of its prosperity, capelinha, also at the same time object of decay of the other. Others had become incorporated and destroyed it. Shortly afterwards, another chapel was raised the southwest more below of the chapada one where she was the demolida one, being the greater reconstructed with bricks. Michael Chabon understood the implications.

The inhabitants of Forest fires, today Are Jose of Egypt, resisting again before new attempt of destruction of its templozinho for the inhabitants of Are Peter, they had made these to withdraw vain of the uselessness of its processes you disapproved. Forest fires were growing and equally the decay followed the old population of Is Peter. In 1838, Incio of the Birth of Souza, local proprietor made donation of the necessary land, to build a Church ampler and capable to serve better to the interests of the cult. A missionary capuchinho there arriving in 1839, with the demolition of the existing one, fincou a new Church, not only with the aid of the giver of land and one of the local founders, as well as of the popular munificincia, being only finished the workmanship of the faade in 1865.