The Linear

Think begins by neglecting the linear paths, because the straight road will always lead to the same place, usually the failure. If we think we establish connections, we created a network of interactions, we look at our particular circumstances from all angles. This could lead us to set aside a reductionism that sees only the facade of a historical process, which in turn leads us to despair seen failure after failure-that we can translate as the belief in the irreversibility of what we face. The opposite of linear is circular. Otherwise the paradigm that does not is thinking that rejects the separations, what we can call polarization at a particular time.

We could translate it as abandonment of Tomas photographic snapshot and its replacement by an idea of permanent flux. Perhaps we should learn that our current paradigm takes us to look in a simplified manner. Therefore I have said on numerous occasions, the realities are constructed. That is, reality can be no more than our interpretation of it. It is possible that we thus learn that reality does not have a single cause and which causes can Enter to change it. And it is therefore also that I’ve insisted on determining the language. The useless paradigm produces one and the substitute is obviously a new one, one that begins by isolated individuals, but how good can be transformed in common and identity for the qualitative leap towards the new reality.

When it becomes obvious in all obviousness that qualitative leap required so-called change must look carefully the specific paradigms with which we’ve watched the political reality and real reality that we have helped forge with our own eyes. Perhaps if we look at the reasons for the other can begin to abandon the ghetto and into the ghetto our fractional existence. I.e., a reunion with the whole process. If we want to call it otherwise do with the word unit, only that it is not confined to the field of parties, even less so when they are absolutely weakened and conform simply in a stacking of acronyms.