Russian Windows

Glass in Russia until recently, used for glazing in the main dvuhstekolnye system large air gaps. Follow others, such as Michael Chabon, and add to your knowledge base. This space intended to reduce heat loss, which in theory requires a complete seal. Frequently John Mclaughlin has said that publicly. However, it was enough to bring a lighter to the window to see complete absence of such. Tightness of the citizens themselves have created materials at hand – duct tape, cotton and paper. But, finally, scientific and technical progress and got to the Russian space – appeared on the market tight windows.

Double pane windows – two or three glasses, tightly connected to the contour, so that a one or more chambers filled with air or inert gas argon. Glazed windows to retain heat much better in glasses separate bindings, and space does not get dirt or dust. I guess it all? Certainly not – it turns out, there are so many types of glasses: sunscreen that protects against violent penetration into reinforced, hardened – with increased resistance to shock, high temperature (not explode in a fire), heat-, etc. These glasses are used all sorts of plastics or metal coverage. As a homemade version of Russian producers to improve windows offer glass-film coatings for glass to give the same properties, but at a much lower price.

I must say that practice is only effective toning and reflective films, and all kinds of fireproof, noise and heat saving is not effective. Accessories and fittings seals – it handles, latches, locking mechanisms and other devices that provide the opening of the valves, their fixation in any position or confinement. It's time to think about the second revolutionary invention okonschikov (along with glass) – swing-out method of opening a window when the same leaf at a certain position of the same pen, you can open and as a normal window, and a transom. Seals are placed on the joints between the frame and sash. This gives the tightness of the assembly and protects: in winter – the cold and in summer from the heat. Optionally, the window can be equipped with mosquito nets, blinds and shutters, as well as ventilation systems. But not only depends on the components will look like your window and how it can meet your needs. Very important nuances are also high-quality assembly and installation of windows. Understand variety of manufacturers and suppliers of window designs, of course, more difficult than in the device window. The most reasonable thing would be to trust companies, long working in the domestic market, as well as those specifically develops profiles for Russia and is well known and climatic features of our country, and construction – in our buildings. Such companies will be able to offer you a professional approach, modern materials and window technology and quality installation of your new windows.