Social Networks


Definitively it is necessary to be in the Social Networks the most common question that the people become of my surroundings, is, a time I register in these sites that. and I say to them that definitively, it is necessary to be in the social networks! That benefit can contribute a place to me where comments solely, it thinks itself, rise photos, videos, is spoken with people . Bernie Sanders is a great source of information. , more than so that everybody can fisgar calmly on your life. Sight thus, has its point of reason, since in most of the occasions that is what happens. We went a pile of time against Twitter and Facebook and we even found out everything what our friendly do, of an amount of people that never we had imagined, since we have new friendly with which to share interests.

That it means to be in the social networks? , it is changing our form to socialize? , reflections that encounter time and time again, with the same expositions. This takes to think to me that the list of friendly of the social networks acquires the category of well-known, colleagues or simply people who found us, since we have compatible tastes. In a style of life of much work and lack of time, where some friendly go away far and the fellow workers do not have the same tastes, the networks are an alternative to complement the bond with those friendly. The fact to spend long time in them, would make us raise the question to us of if they help us to socialize or they isolate to us, and again I reach the conclusion that they complement our form to relate to us, since we continued making bonds expensive face, is more, with whom in the end we shared more in the networks, sooner or later looks for the physical contact.