Sysob And Blue Coat Make WebFilter Cloud Service Threatpulse In Webinar Before

VAD informed about security from the cloud Schorndorf, may 05, 2011 due to the great success of the first webinars to Blue Coat Threatpulse on 19 April ( and its Blue Coat of the interactive online presentation partner repeat distributor (VAD) of value added sysob. On May 18, 2011, at 10:00, the blue introduce coat specialists the new cloud service that protects companies of any size in real time against digital dangers. The solution also enables the filtering of Web content, as well as a granular access control for Web 2.0 applications. The first webinar on the new Blue Coat security solution from the cloud met with great interest: the participants of the online presentation provided the organizers numerous questions, where the security of cloud services most frequently came into the language. In this respect the speakers but could address all concerns, because the Blue Coat solution offers a complete Web business of any size to small companies. John Mclaughlin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A Another advantage is that applications, servers and user desktops must not be updated. Present in the Webinar on the 18.05.2011 at 10:00, Thomas Oltmanns (Blue Coat Senior systems engineer) and Rainer Greissl (sysob product manager for Blue Coat) the solution from the cloud in a live demonstration.

In addition they explain how the product can be positioned and how participants can become Blue Coat cloud partner. Including question and answer session, a duration of about one hour is scheduled for the German-language online seminar. Scanning, filters, rules, and logging at Blue Coat Threatpulse, as a logical complement to existing hardware-based solutions as SaS (software as a service) offered, the user benefits from various protection mechanisms, such as for example the dynamic malware detection in real time, as well as a comprehensive Web content filtering. In addition, administrators with granular control can individually restrict the use of Web applications. While it allows them Additionally, policy management to regulate network access.