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On The Tegernsee For Children In Need

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‘Aktion courage’ by sunshine4kids e.V. From 11th to 13th September, disadvantaged children and young people from all over Germany experience a holiday weekend at Lake Tegernsee. Sailing and many more adventures await. The free children action is made possible by the non-profit association sunshine4kids e.V., and master Yachting as the main sponsor of the Club, as well as the Tegernsee Valley Tourism GmbH. target group are children who have lost one or both parents, foster children, home and kids from deprived families, shadow children and children with other strokes of fate. Happy childhood memories of a wonderful summer holiday accompany people a lifetime. However, disadvantaged children and young people have often unable to travel, to experience the difficult everyday to let and new and exciting.

Since 1997, the Club sunshine4kids e.V. supports just these children through free sailing courses and other actions. The main objectives of the Organization are to give back the joy of life and new perspectives. Master yachting, one of the leading Yacht Charter agencies in Germany, the Club is sponsoring since 2007 with the free provision of sailing yachts, as well as a donation per completed Charter contract. \”Now children and teenagers between 12 and 16 years of age on the Tegernsee to refuel new Joie de vivre: within the framework of the action of courage\” from September 11 to 13 participants can expect an exciting program that feels almost like a little trip to the spectacular scenery of the region. On the day of arrival it goes right with the rise on the book stone hut in Kreuth. \”Is the likeable moderators legend Harry Wijnvoord, of the action of courage\” supports. So, he has prepared a fun guessing game for the kids for the evening Campfire and stock bread grilling. Mountain adventure and overnight stay at the refuge is the next day in the sign of water, because finally it goes on clear lake for sailing here children and young people may have not only wind through the hair, but under supervision at the helm.

Chairman Christian Baumler

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CDU social committees request employment contract-the book and the increase of in protected assets for long term unemployed STUTTGART. Summary of scattered regulations to the law on employment contracts to a labour code without worrying about loss of the statutory protection against dismissal, the collective agreements and the participation, calls the land Executive of the CDU social committees (CDA) Baden-Wurttemberg at their vertices program to the coalition agreement of the future CDU/FDP Government. In addition, the CDA Baden of the new coalition hopes for an improvement of working conditions in the rental and temporary work. The CDA land Chairman Christian Baumler explains, who works full time to can live by his income.” This ensures the workers Act and the minimum working conditions law.” “The Chief stresses further the CDU of workers wing: We therefore demand up to the year 2011 temporary agency work in the workers Act to absorb.” The CDU social committees are entering their program for a higher Scania assets with long-term unemployed. At this point something must change, absolutely, said Chief Baumler CDA in the views of the coalition talks in Berlin on Tuesday. The CDU social committees want more security for workers who lose their jobs. Therefore, the tax allowance in the protected asset in the SGB is II 1000 to increase euro per year. Condition here is that the old age pension assets will only be available with retirement. In addition, the self used real estate will be protected more comprehensively. The corner points program of the CDA that contains 13 demands, including calls for: a workers data protection act, cut expensive input rate, a pension above the subsistence level for the low paid, maintaining the joint financing in the statutory health insurance and limitation of additional fees on a percentage of income.

Colombian Rights

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Specialist in the civil peace service of the AGEH supports human rights organizations in Colombia Cologne Christof Wunsch, specialist in the personnel program of civil peace service (CFS) of the Association for development aid (AGEH) e.V., has completed in September last year his project work in Colombia. The social workers worked on behalf of AGEH for the Colombian non-governmental organization PODION”for six years. He developed a concept for so-called peace schools together with colleagues and coordinated the implementation of the programme. A total 180 employees from 32 local organizations were trained in questions of human rights, of international humanitarian law, of nonviolent conflict transformation, as well as the psychosocial accompaniment of victims of violence. Each of these organizations has passed in turn their knowledge each year approximately 25 people.

The measure has achieved, therefore grossed nearly 5,000 people”, explains Christof Wunsch. The schools of peace involves a training for employees local charities and institutions by dioceses, which has the goal to improve their competence in dealing with violence, displacement and human rights violations. We have reached a real strengthening of the civil society with the training”so wish. In a society where violence on the agenda and human rights violations are perpetrated daily, the participants have can better develop their own commitment for more peace and thereby strengthen. So, one of the organizations have started an action that convinced youth by educating them to make themselves not by paramilitaries, guerrillas or army recruit. The recruitment in this region had declined then significantly. Others have teachers share the newly acquired knowledge. They then introduced the topic of mediation, a method for the constructive resolution of conflicts, in their schools and could thus reduce the violence there.

2007 the 32 local organisations have, to the peace schools”have taken part, and all your own The – and perform human rights projects, the national network for democracy and peace “. Christof Wunsch accompanied the initiative as a consultant. “He explains: the merger allows the individual organisations exchange of experience and most important, a degree of protection, in its commitment to human rights.” Also could the network make public important issues at national and international level and strengthen the civil society peace commitment in Colombia. In December returned Christof on behalf of AGEH after Colombia wish back, as a consultant his work over the next three years to help the network. About the AGEH: Founded in 1959 working community for development aid e.V. (AGEH) is the personnel service of the German Catholics for international cooperation and state-recognised development service. The Club is supported by 25 members, which include including Catholic development organizations, such as the Bishop’s charity Misereor, the Kolping Society and the Caritasverband. At the Cologne headquarters, 46 employees serve the now approx. 280 professionals from abroad. The AGEH is one also of eight carriers of the program funded by the Federal Government civilian peace service”.