The Boss

Thus met with sufficient evidence to speak with the boss, who listen to it and although it did not achieve the ideal that was expected, achieved an important wage recomposition. Second step: Develop strategy and define a CifrRecapitulando, once the concrete information available and what most complete possible best to negotiate with the best arguments, sit and think and write that you’ve made during that time in the company, your contributions, your contributions, projects and everything that you remember as a defense to your order of increase. In view of the person under investigation, must be clear the figure or percentage increase. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Michael Chabon by clicking through. I recommend you ask for a little more of what you consider suitable, so if in the negotiation you lower the amount you are done collecting at least just enough. Third step: the time of the Negociacionllega the time to speak with the boss. Here I recommend you be clear, sincere and bluntly. They love the conciseness and clarity, not interested be wasting your time. Fear not a refusal, not is always assured.

Justifies your order with humility, explains, he argues, it gives examples on your abilities, achievements and importance of your position in the company. Don’t be arrogant, rebellious or proud but you’re not too shy and conformist. It shows why they really deserve the increase. Justifies and defends your position while continuing to show yourself friendly and safe. Plan B: negative to the increase.Do not despair, there will be other opportunities to continue. Remember that the tree does not fall from the first hack, must be very persistent in these cases.

You must prepare a plan B in the event that does not accept the increase similarly. Seeks to obtain some advantage at least temporarily without this implying desist in your claims: request tickets for purchase of food, extend your vacation, licenses, get special discounts, improve your working hours or some plus which means you any improvement. Look for alternatives.If after many attempts you can’t scale the enterprise and you think that you’ve done more than necessary to merit reach a spot and do not have favorable responses, it is time to consider seeking other horizons, with discretion and prudence, begins to search for another activity or work that best meets your expectations while you have until you get to replace it with a better. Lic. Cristian Laborde Autor original and source of the article