The Cigarette

It is responsible for the physical dependence, that becomes the enslaved smoker of the tobacco. The farmocolgico mechanism is similar to the one of the cocaine and of the heroine. In the majority of tabagistas, the nicotino-dependence is more intense than the provoked one for the other drugs. Nicotnicos receivers exist in almost all 3centro cerebral. They more demand each time more doses raised of nicotine to produce reply level the same. It has elaboration and release of psychoactive numbers hormone, between which the acetilcolina and dopa mine, being this last responsible a for the pleasant state that the smokers feel. After it brings, the nicotine arrives at the brain enters the 9 12 seconds. The consumers of 20 cigarettes per day, with the average of 20 swallowed by cigarette, suffer 73,000 impact from nicotine per year.

None another drug acts of so siderante form, propagating 100 million annually substantiates toxic. Some factors exist that take the people to try the cigarette or other derivatives of the tobacco. The majority of them is influenced mainly by the advertising of the cigarette in the medias. In the case of the young still it is worse because beyond the propagandas for the medias, parents, professors, dolos and friends also they exert a great influence. Before the 19 years of age the young it is in the phase of construction of its personality.

Research shows that the majority of the smoking adolescents initiated to smoke exactly in this band of age, this wants to say that the main factor that favors the tobaccoism between the young is, mainly, the auto-affirmation necessity. Fashion in the dictionaries takes in them to think about: music, clothes, gostos, skill of if dressing, slangs, dances, etc. the World-wide Organization of Health to consider the tobaccoism the biggest isolated cause of illnesses and death. Massive evidence now available sample that 50 morboletalidade cause are more common in the smokers, of which half is of high risk, and enters these last ones to the majority is related with respiratory device.