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The Citizenship

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The librarian in the pertaining to school scope goes to contribute with incentive the reading, as he shows Hisses: the activities of the pertaining to school librarian very go beyond the service of loan of books and preparation technician of the quantity. When using the library as pedagogical space, librarians who work in the pertaining to school environment can significantly contribute in the interest of young and children for the reading. (HE HISSES, 2005, P. 125) the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL LIBRARIAN the pertaining to school librarian is not guard of books and other materials in the bookshelves, and yes a facilitador, therefore to facilitate to the access of bigger number of readers to books and other materials in all the forms and occasions. This professional must stimulate the reading and the research, therefore: Through the incentive to the reading and the research, the pertaining to school librarian finds a tool of great impact to develop in the students the necessary abilities for the learning throughout its lives, being instigated its imagination and supplying subsidies responsible citizens for the society to become where they live for its proper future (HISS, 2005 p.125) the pertaining to school librarian are an educator, therefore she stimulates the act to read the customers of the library and teaches that ' ' The practical one of the reading stimulated for the pertaining to school librarian can stimulate the interest of students for new knowledge, becoming the learning in more easy and interesting classroom alunos' ' (IT HISSES, 2005, P. 125). This professional is of basic importance in the construction of the citizenship, therefore she is during the pertaining to school period that the learning is forming its critical and creative identity. In this stage of the life it is elaborating the world concept and everything that is its return, for this becomes necessary the magnifying of its important knowledge and that the pupil not if limit only to the knowledge acquired in classroom. .

The Cigarette

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It is responsible for the physical dependence, that becomes the enslaved smoker of the tobacco. The farmocolgico mechanism is similar to the one of the cocaine and of the heroine. In the majority of tabagistas, the nicotino-dependence is more intense than the provoked one for the other drugs. Nicotnicos receivers exist in almost all 3centro cerebral. They more demand each time more doses raised of nicotine to produce reply level the same. It has elaboration and release of psychoactive numbers hormone, between which the acetilcolina and dopa mine, being this last responsible a for the pleasant state that the smokers feel. After it brings, the nicotine arrives at the brain enters the 9 12 seconds. The consumers of 20 cigarettes per day, with the average of 20 swallowed by cigarette, suffer 73,000 impact from nicotine per year.

None another drug acts of so siderante form, propagating 100 million annually substantiates toxic. Some factors exist that take the people to try the cigarette or other derivatives of the tobacco. The majority of them is influenced mainly by the advertising of the cigarette in the medias. In the case of the young still it is worse because beyond the propagandas for the medias, parents, professors, dolos and friends also they exert a great influence. Before the 19 years of age the young it is in the phase of construction of its personality.

Research shows that the majority of the smoking adolescents initiated to smoke exactly in this band of age, this wants to say that the main factor that favors the tobaccoism between the young is, mainly, the auto-affirmation necessity. Fashion in the dictionaries takes in them to think about: music, clothes, gostos, skill of if dressing, slangs, dances, etc. the World-wide Organization of Health to consider the tobaccoism the biggest isolated cause of illnesses and death. Massive evidence now available sample that 50 morboletalidade cause are more common in the smokers, of which half is of high risk, and enters these last ones to the majority is related with respiratory device.

The Speed

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Thus, in the biographies romanceadas, for example, the literary style, the conduction narrative and the structure of the text, the speed and the emphases on one or another aspect are prerogatives of the author of the work, that nor always correspond strict to the speed of the occurred facts. On the other hand, the official biographies, or same the life sets of documents, in a general way, search to portray for the writing the facts occurred in the history of the told lives, in trustworth way. However, what we are arguing, in the truth, it is that beyond documentary literary writing or, the biographical narrative can also be argued having in sight some analogies, that function as ' ' fatores' ' is characterized as estimated or trends of the different schools in Historiografia. In the case of the biographies of the scientists, this question can become still more complex. It is truth well that many men who had dedicated its lives to the knowledge, to discoveries and inventions, nor had always become known while still alive or even though after the death, passing obscurely for the way of the existence in the world of science and its mass-measured, the spite of its possible efforts.

Others, even so detached in the world of knowing and the technique, had lived dispassionately, without if it can verify, in its biographical notes, given ' ' emocionantes' ' the point to magnetize the attention of the public. It still has one another classroom of scientific personalities, that are the temperamentais brains, whose intempestive ecstasies construct to biographies passionals and eletrizantes; although nor always its productions as researchers can present expressividade degree the same. However, the central point of this article says respect to the emotional relation of the scientist with the knowledge for produced it, in biographical terms, arguing it validity of the job of this resource as strategy of scientific communication.