The remain of the city, where system does not exist, searchs alternatives for the ousting of the sewers, making use of fossas individual or direct bondings in the draining system. In the low income areas, the situation is still more serious, therefore the sewers are launched directly in the streets, having led the local population to coexist a unhealthy environment. Moreover, the city suffers with constant overflows, caused for diverse factors as: clogging of the system of draining, waterproofing of the ground (either had the increasing pavement of the urban ways, either in illegal reason of the constructions, many times), absence of systems of draining in diverse places, everything this aggravated by the geographic conditions of the city, being plain of Recife next to the level of the sea having some points of negative quota, making it difficult excessively an efficient draining of pluvial waters. With regard to the water supply the city of Recife suffers has decades with a chronic rationing, had the insufficience in the amount and the irregularity of offers, beyond the unsatisfactory quality in the installment of the service. Credit: Eliza Orlins-2011. The quality of the water also becomes engaged for the occurrence of infiltration motivated for the pressurization and despressurizao of the net of distribution due to the decurrent stops of the intermitncia. The middle class coexists of amena form the problems, therefore it can construct reservoirs of storage or simply to perforate deep wells. For the low income population it remains to become accustomed it the supply schedules and to look the best form of preservation of the water, since thousands of families do not make use inside of canalized water of its domiciles (Moral, 2004). The courses d water suffers with the pollution caused for the launching from sewers ' ' in natura' ' garbage, as well as of the sewers that, even so collected are poured without the treatment due. Recently Pershing Square Capital sought to clarify these questions.