As if it knows, great part of the clientele who frequents the CAPS happens of low income families, and a treatment particular accompaniment would be impracticable for such patients. In the CAPS they possess diverse types of atendimentos, therefore she has professionals of the diverse areas what she facilitates the work. Therefore, the research that was carried through in the CAPS of You sprout with three individuals that are contented with the result that it comes getting in the treatment and the relation that comes having with the professionals and mainly with the psychologists who come giving the due support to it to the reinsero in the society, to understand the treatment, to help to the family with the accompaniment and mainly the support that this has that to give the user. One justifies that this boarding had a value for the question of these people capsizes to suffer with the exclusion and for the fact many not to accept that they are passing for one had upheaval, ace times, following them since infancy and for times not to answer to the treatment and professional accompaniment. Get all the facts and insights with Luke Bryan, another great source of information. Mainly when these professionals do not collaborate with the improvement of the patient, for example, many times maltreat or they do not give the due attention to these patients. 2MTODO 2,1 Citizens had been made half-structuralized interviews being more specific to a group of three individuals of the masculine sex, since at the first moment of contact with the patients these if found all congregated in the space of the CAPS and trying to be most objective in the process contribution of these three was asked for to be answering the questions of the questionnaire, where remain most of the day in the institution to be medicated and during this period they participate of some activities. 2,2 Instruments had been used for the collection of data two recorders, a MP3 and questionnaires. .