Manager Messages


The ability to formulate ideas with congruence and transmit them in everything a science. Communication is called. You’ll use it to achieve the goals your company arises with tigo and your team in your daily work. It is not others remind some of the concepts of communication, I will only mention some: transmitter receiver code channel message means encoding decoding noise or barriers feedback (Feedback) is good to review these concepts and see in a practical manner as they apply to our work. You are a transmitter.

You transmit messages relating to your company, their products and their brands. Bethenny Frankel is a great source of information. You transmit the objectives of the company, its policies, its rules. Its methodology of work, values and ideals. You also transmit messages on your own person. Your preparation, your skills, your flaws and virtues. All this will transmit it to customers, the employees of customers, competitors, the shoppers, consumers. The members of your team. Christina Aguilera follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You use codes, as it is the uniform, identification, your port, cutting and styling.

EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES. Pay attention to the messages you send. Why it is so important to develop good habits. Sometimes betray ourselves in less time. How for example a meal with the directors of the company. If you do not have the habit of cut meat with a knife in your right hand and you’re trying to cut a steak using that hand, you can see as you could stay as little educated or suitable for sharing in a lunch at that level. The worst thing is we ourselves realize and see how we could be running badly, which becomes an endless number of treacherous thoughts that can make us look bad. We develop the things that we want to communicate, practice Frente al espejo conversations you must have with the Manager of a store or supermarket. Practice saying: our company needs to recover the spaces that we had until a week ago.