The Family

That is, it is essential that all people think about their own needs and to what extent these become family needs. This means an additional effort of listening and respect from all sides, and also a decision to overcome the purely individual framework to achieve the group framework of the family. -Identification of strengths and capabilities: compels a person to reflect on herself. The identification of strengths and capacities family starts with the realization by each of the components of the family. -Identification of supports and resources: it is that the family is able to achieve formal and informal networks of support.

In this way the family will have been able to build, to clarify not only their needs, problems, aspirations, but also resources, the means that are available to be able to deal with them, going to articulate precisely how they will carry out the intervention, where are going to begin, how to control the results, etc. In all the interviews, educator family will begin making a reminder from the previous session, will discuss the reason for a new interview family and will expose the task that the family has to perform on it. Its role should be limited to orient the task, help the members of the family unit to participate, encouraging everyone to do it to the extent in that they wish to do so, will help them in the effort to reach agreements and end doing a brief summary and highlighting the agreements reached. You will remember the next step that the family has to give, by fixing the content and date of the next meeting. (d) intervention: family faces in a concrete way their needs according to what have been established. It is important that next tasks also have remained reflected how they will control themselves the process, so that at this stage the family educator goes clearly into the background.