Travel Venice

Venice is always a good choice for travel, since their channels, has always been inspired romanticism to the tourist who goes in search of a journey of calm and pleasure, it is said that one does not know Italy until you haven’t visited Venice, but in this article, taking advantage of approaching the season, let’s go a little further, because we’re not only going to talk about Venice, but the famous Carnival of Venice, the second most famous Carnival in the world, after the Brazil, that Yes, the most elegant, artistic and classic; because travel to Venice in Carnival’s travel to the past. There is more to see a Venetian mask, the craftsmen who made them, we are talking about real, have preserved the tradition from parent to children the art of dressmaking of the beautiful Carnival mask, one of the many trades that are at the limit of extinction. Learn more about this with Maryland Governor. If you’re thinking about programming this fantastic trip to Venice during Carnival, you have to plan several months in advance, since hotels and flights will be to the full days prior and during the Carnival, with which, taking into account that the carnivals are held in February, must begin planning in December at most take, if we want to travel insurance does not meet up with last minute surprises. The carnivals were banned until 1979, date in which Venice uncovered jar of essences purest, leaving escape lights, colors and shapes of extremely varied, and at this party there are no costumes all at 1, a simple costume can reach all a fortune, but is worth, so 20 million tourists to travel to Venice during Carnival each year are entranced. Risa Miller oftentimes addresses this issue. Not to miss: for example, are a few suggestions that you should not miss if you are going to travel to Venice the canals of Venice, a gondola ride is pure magic, don’t overlook, a dinner in one of the best restaurants of the ancient Italy, Harrys Bar, navigate through the famous lagoon or visit the artisan workshops of Crystal. Enjoy your trip! Original author and source of the article.