Using Blogs To Manage Your Entire Web Site

Blogger is a term that means different things to different people. For some people that means keeping an online journal. For about creating a community of people who can contribute to a growing debate on a specific topic. For me, however, blogs are about creating and implementing a complete Web site. That's because blogs can actually be used as a complete content management for almost any website. There are several reasons why you should consider using blog pages to run your Web site.

These include: * You can make changes to the content of your website, without specialized software * You can make changes to your content from anywhere can access the web, you need not be in your PC. * You can make changes to the content quickly? faster than the software. * You can make changes to content without incurring costs? unlike using a web design agency. * You can use blogs to create content with colleagues, working as a team? something that is more difficult and more expensive with the software. All these benefits can be obtained free of charge using to run your pages. To use as a content management system, follow these steps: 1.

Create a web page template for your site. 2. Include tags' for each blog entry in your template. Key tags you will need are: y. These tags are inserted the title and text of each article you write on your blog. 3. Set up each page of your website as an independent blog that uses the "advanced" settings. 4. For each blog, use the template code as template 5. By the same author: US Senator from Vermont. Post a single entry to each blog, which is the main content of this page. 6. Publish your blog! AESO is! In the future, you will be able to change or add content to it, simply by logging into, the right choice in the blog (or page of your website) and then edit the post item. The people begin to realize the potential of blogs using content management. You do not have to see the blogs in terms of a single page that is added to your website. Instead, you may see blogs as a way to run your website. If you want answers to the questions Top blogs you can get a free guide to the Top 15 Questions on Blogging from: Graham Jones is a psychologist who specializes in how we use the Internet. He is the author of 27 books and thousands of articles. runs where you can get a free report on how to sell your own information products, ebooks, reports and articles online.