Virgin Group


And there are true fights and multimillionaire investments to be able to welcome a Great Prize. In this respect, after the good yield of the Brawn equipment that was on the verge of not existing, the multimillionaire and livened up enterprising Richard Branson, creator of Virgin Group, has reached an agreement to sponsor it. And the fortune that moves to this spectacle extends its networks beyond the sport in himself. This way, the Magazine magazine, I supplement of the World, gathers that according to some sources, Antonio Lobato it will receive 600,000 Euros by season to narrate the races for Sixth, in Spain. A good pay for a journalist, now it is spoken as much of the high remunerations of the managers. But are pleased it, it is going why them to reject? Antonio Lobato has obtained, of the hand of its countryman of Asturias Fernando Alonso, to become a star, that is to say, has created a mark from the success of related other. The creation of marks being based on the success of others can take diverse forms in the enterprise world, from the extension of line (we have Coca-Cola, a product of great success, because we are going to create Cherry-Coke, with flavor to cherry).

Sometimes, products related to the initial, or nonconnected are even created of indirect way. For example, Bic, that extended its concept of the disposable thing of the ball-point pens to the burners or maquinillas to shave Following the connection that the consumer between the initial concept and the second creation perceives, the effect can be positive or not (gurs of marketing, Ries and Trout, apostatize generally of the extensions of line). It has sense that Zara removes to the market a colony? It could have it, since it is related to the fashion. It would have sense that removed a mineral water, being based on its fashionable concept? Probably, no. As far as the second marks, sometimes the marks leaders create one second mark to take care of some segment unheeded (for example, the one of low price), or buy some company for it. Thus for example, the German group BSH, joint venture formed by Siemens Ag and Robert Bosch Gmbh, commercializes numerous marks to take care of diverse segments, between that they are Bosch, Siemens, Wicker basket, Lynx, Ufesa, Neff and Gaggenau). However, another possibility is the one that uses diverse marks leaders, who deny of form it express to make for other marks to reinforce their positioning of quality, like Kellog" s or Danone, for example. Original author and source of the article.