Great Prize Of Europe

The Asturian one was satisfied with the second put obtained in the GP of Europe. It assures that all the weekend in Valencia has been magnificent for his escudera. It considers that every day they are more near Red Bull, but that still is distance. The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) has declared to the conclusion of the Great Prize of Europe, in which he has finished secondly, that this one was " a gold opportunity to be in longed for podio of Valencia ". " To obtain first podio in Valencia and the trophy was a personal objective.

I less than have the trophies of all the circuits Abu Dhabi and India – still not disputed in history-" , Alonso said, that in the years last in Valencia it did not have " the opportunity of conseguirlo". The pilot of Ferrari, that has finished behind the German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) in Valencia, has explained that this put second is " a profit for the equipment " and he is " mximo" that it can reach at the moment. " In Monaco, Canada and Valencia we have secured a good action. It is a great turn out to have cars both between the five first, and to be in a sandwich Network Bull&quot enters both; , it has explained. Alonso has described as " very bueno" the weekend and of " excepcional" the classification of the Saturday, in which it secured to the quarter best time of the grill to follow with his gust of wind to enter between the five first all the classifications. " I am very contented of it to have lived in house.

It has been a magnificent weekend. To see the city of Valencia overturned with the Great Prize. We are approaching to fight by the important positions. Every day we are more near Network Bull" , it has made specific. The Spanish pilot is conscious that the followers of Ferrari wait for " victorias" , but he has warned that the equipment is not " in that posicin". " Now we are approaching in the middle of the difference to us in classification. We will not stop to work until we do not obtain the first position, but needed to be realistas" it has indicated. Alonso considers that Ferrari maintains " a clear direction forwards, but still will not fight by ' poles' or victorias" , although it considers that already they have solved the problems that suffered and " everything what there is in the car funciona". The Asturian one is detailed one of you send more important of the race, the exit to them, in which it has gotten to be fifth because it lost " land with Massa" in about one hundred meters that " they were not very buenos". Alonso is outstanding the strategy of Ferrari, thanks to which it advanced " to Webber in the last shutdown in garages, doing two returns more than Red Bull with blandos" , tires with which were " more competitivos". Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: " The trophy in Valencia, an objective personal"