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Valencian Comunitat Jose Flors

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A.G. /The Valencian president resignation to its position by ' cause of trajes'. It is on the verge of turning 49 years. It is married and it has two children. It affirms that it resigns to the Valencian presidency not to harm Rajoy.

Francisco Camps has announced his resignation like president of his " dear Catalan Autonomous Government valenciana" . ' cause of the suits ' , within ' Grtel&#039 case; , it has caused his exit of the power of a community that had governed since it gained the autonomic elections the 25 of May of 2003, when the PP obtained absolute majority. John Mclaughlin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. An absolute majority that repeated in 2007 and in the elections of the past 22-M. An absolute majority that later leaves in the forgetfulness almost two months. Its resignation supposes the final political clasp to two years and five months of judicial investigation envelope he and other ex- stops positions of its governments and the party by the supposed plot of corruption of Grtel. It received Camps gifts in the form of suits on the part of the leaders of the plot? It declares innocent, " completely inocente" , but the judge of the Court Superior of Justice of the Valencian Comunitat Jose Flors has imputed him by a crime of improper bribe when appreciating indications that the corrupt network supposedly paid articles to dress acquired by the president.

Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz was born in Valencia the 28 from August from 1962. He is on the verge of turning 49 years. Camps, married and with two children, always has declared its fidelity by the Popular Party and its present leader, Mariano Rajoy. By him, even, it affirms that it has resigned to his position not to harm to him facing the next general elections. The most voted Camps it leaves more like the president of the voted Catalan Autonomous Government but also like the unique one that has been processed by a supposed crime that it truncates, so far, a race that some located beyond Valencia.

Great Prize Of Europe

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The Asturian one was satisfied with the second put obtained in the GP of Europe. It assures that all the weekend in Valencia has been magnificent for his escudera. It considers that every day they are more near Red Bull, but that still is distance. The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) has declared to the conclusion of the Great Prize of Europe, in which he has finished secondly, that this one was " a gold opportunity to be in longed for podio of Valencia ". " To obtain first podio in Valencia and the trophy was a personal objective.

I less than have the trophies of all the circuits Abu Dhabi and India – still not disputed in history-" , Alonso said, that in the years last in Valencia it did not have " the opportunity of conseguirlo". The pilot of Ferrari, that has finished behind the German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) in Valencia, has explained that this put second is " a profit for the equipment " and he is " mximo" that it can reach at the moment. " In Monaco, Canada and Valencia we have secured a good action. It is a great turn out to have cars both between the five first, and to be in a sandwich Network Bull&quot enters both; , it has explained. Alonso has described as " very bueno" the weekend and of " excepcional" the classification of the Saturday, in which it secured to the quarter best time of the grill to follow with his gust of wind to enter between the five first all the classifications. " I am very contented of it to have lived in house.

It has been a magnificent weekend. To see the city of Valencia overturned with the Great Prize. We are approaching to fight by the important positions. Every day we are more near Network Bull" , it has made specific. The Spanish pilot is conscious that the followers of Ferrari wait for " victorias" , but he has warned that the equipment is not " in that posicin". " Now we are approaching in the middle of the difference to us in classification. We will not stop to work until we do not obtain the first position, but needed to be realistas" it has indicated. Alonso considers that Ferrari maintains " a clear direction forwards, but still will not fight by ' poles' or victorias" , although it considers that already they have solved the problems that suffered and " everything what there is in the car funciona". The Asturian one is detailed one of you send more important of the race, the exit to them, in which it has gotten to be fifth because it lost " land with Massa" in about one hundred meters that " they were not very buenos". Alonso is outstanding the strategy of Ferrari, thanks to which it advanced " to Webber in the last shutdown in garages, doing two returns more than Red Bull with blandos" , tires with which were " more competitivos". Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: " The trophy in Valencia, an objective personal"

Saudi Police

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Manal to the Sherif was arrested by the religious police when it drived his car. It heads a campaign in the social networks so that the women remove to their vehicles next the 17 from June. The Saudi Police has stopped to a woman in the city of The Jabar, in the east of the country, to drive its car in public, something prohibited in this country, according to informed police sources. Manal to the Sherif, of 32 years and unmarried mother, had not failed to fulfill any norm of traffic, reason why the agents stopped who it transferred their case to the religious Police. To the Sharif he had summoned in Facebook an action for next 17 of June having invited to the women to lead. Under the name of I am going to drive my car, the campaign, that has extended to a great veloicidad by the social networks, animates to the women to that they go out that day to protest against the discrimination who suffer. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. Organizations of human rights that operate in Saudi Arabia indicated that most probable she is than the authorities will on bail set free A Sherif if it is committed not to return to lead.

A month ago, shortly after sending its campaign in the social networks, To the Sharif it explained that " the women in our country depend (to take a car) on a conductor, a brother or a relative. He is something that despises the woman, is already hour of which we pruned to make our things without ayuda". The activist remembered that in the Nineties already there was a similar initiative, but the police prevented that it was carried out. " But now we are in 2011, now we have Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We use all the means in this caso" , it added to the Sharif, that was considering even to send to a letter to king Abdal bin Abdelaziz so that it analyzes the problem. In an official notice in Internet, the activists they indicate that " the women commit themselves to take veil, to fulfill the traffic norms and not to defy to autoridades". Source of the news: Jailed a woman in Saudi Arabia to defy the prohibition to lead in public

Nigeria Floods

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If Julio Bern raised the head he would cause that one of its personages you celebrate more, the German professor Otto Lidenbrock, would look for the route to arrive at the Earth center through an invention like the elevator. And it is that if now the investigators walk in the idea to give with a space elevator able to make us arrive, what explorers, to so remote and unthinkable places as the Moon. KONE, the manufacturing leader in vertical transport (elevators, mechanical stairs and automatic doors) have conducted the operation to the inverse one. That is to say, it has created in Lohja (Finland) the mine of Tytyri. There, and to a depth of 333 meters, they make sweat to anyone of the elevators that prove with absolute safety measures and guarantee. The reason of being of this hole in the depth of the Earth is not other than the one to look for optimum solutions to improve the existing solutions of elevation in the market. the hollow of the mine forms a community under earth with a framework of galleries, routes and tunnels that allow to prove of safe form the elevators more innovators, explains Monica Martin, director of Marketing KONE Spain.

Is the center of tests higher worldwide and by itself a great innovation. There and at a speed of 17 meters per second we sent the elevators to see its resistance and reliability . In this well of size natural and seated on a limestone stone mine the equipment of KONE innovation it has changed the concept of the tower of tests for elevators. For all these tests the center extends in an operative structure with an intrincate network of hollows, supply routes and tunnels in which is allowed the efficient and safe installation of the test equipment of elevators, stress Martin. In this pit the installation of the equipment of elevators for its tests, is worth of solid supply routes and a fast assembly in the hollow. Thus the things, and as if miners they were, the engineers of KONE carry out in two excavated pits studies advanced in areas like transmission systems, motor, controls, comfort of passage, influences of the pressure of the air, methods of installation and security.

The fact that the surroundings are inlaid on solid rock does to the enormously stable installation that serves as laboratory of the external conditions, adds Martin. Who is KONE KONE offers the best experience of displacement thanks to their program People Flow Experience a series of solutions that allow that the people move of comfortable, safe and smooth form, without needing great delays in the buildings and responding to the demand of a more and more built-up society. KONE provides to their clients the most innovating solutions of a world-wide leader in the industry for elevators, automatic stairs and doors. He is expert in manufacture, installation maintenance and modernization. It is a consolidated company that in the 2007 had net sales of 4,100 million Euros and has around 32,500 employees by everybody.KONE quotes in stock-market of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland.

Network Interchange

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These services, like others very extended like Chegg, Campusbookrental or Collegebookrenter, allow the students to save more of a 50% in the academic material when deciding on the rent instead of the purchase. The benefit can be greater if the student does not limit itself the rent as unique transaction and also chooses to resell his own books of the previous course so that they are gotten up to the catalogue of available material of these networks. Alquilibrix is at present the first project that offers these services in our country. On the one hand, it allows that the students rent text books, from Obligatory Secondary Education (THAT) to the university, by a price a reduced 50% more than the one than marks publishing houses. These students also can make use of the service of book repurchase by a 40% of the price of acquisition. Altogether, if it is decided on the two transactions, the operation can suppose until a 90% of saving in comparison with the purchase of books by the traditional routes. On the other hand, the service is still more comfortable for the students of the 60 institutes of secondary of Madrid with which until now Alquilibrix has reached an agreement from cooperation through its associations from parents and mothers (APAS). In this case, after indicating the books that wish to resell or to rent for the next course, the student only must go to the facilities of his training center in the indicated dates and give and gather the decided material.

Interchange between families Another optional formula for the students who cannot accede to the autonomic aid or want to reduce the cost of the text books which they do not enter the gratuity programs is the interchange between students. Besides that they become of natural form between known brothers and, numerous educative centers, impelled by the APAS, have implanted this practice of shared in common interchange between families, so that when finalizing the course the students give the books that no longer are going to use and gather those that will need for the new academic course, that they will have contributed other companions. The students of the centers where this formula has not been implanted can choose by some of the created vestibules on line of specific form for this aim, like Changebook, that with more than 41,000 books of all the catalogue levels is in charge to organize the interchange between its users by means of a system of points. Another one of the platforms of interchange in line available in the Network is Bookint.eu. With more than 30 associated educative centers at present, this application works as point of contact between the families of the students of those centers so that they manage the text book interchanges of a comfortable and simple form. Source of the news: Rent and interchange, alternatives to confront the cost of text books