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If Julio Bern raised the head he would cause that one of its personages you celebrate more, the German professor Otto Lidenbrock, would look for the route to arrive at the Earth center through an invention like the elevator. And it is that if now the investigators walk in the idea to give with a space elevator able to make us arrive, what explorers, to so remote and unthinkable places as the Moon. KONE, the manufacturing leader in vertical transport (elevators, mechanical stairs and automatic doors) have conducted the operation to the inverse one. That is to say, it has created in Lohja (Finland) the mine of Tytyri. There, and to a depth of 333 meters, they make sweat to anyone of the elevators that prove with absolute safety measures and guarantee. The reason of being of this hole in the depth of the Earth is not other than the one to look for optimum solutions to improve the existing solutions of elevation in the market. the hollow of the mine forms a community under earth with a framework of galleries, routes and tunnels that allow to prove of safe form the elevators more innovators, explains Monica Martin, director of Marketing KONE Spain.

Is the center of tests higher worldwide and by itself a great innovation. There and at a speed of 17 meters per second we sent the elevators to see its resistance and reliability . In this well of size natural and seated on a limestone stone mine the equipment of KONE innovation it has changed the concept of the tower of tests for elevators. For all these tests the center extends in an operative structure with an intrincate network of hollows, supply routes and tunnels in which is allowed the efficient and safe installation of the test equipment of elevators, stress Martin. In this pit the installation of the equipment of elevators for its tests, is worth of solid supply routes and a fast assembly in the hollow. Thus the things, and as if miners they were, the engineers of KONE carry out in two excavated pits studies advanced in areas like transmission systems, motor, controls, comfort of passage, influences of the pressure of the air, methods of installation and security.

The fact that the surroundings are inlaid on solid rock does to the enormously stable installation that serves as laboratory of the external conditions, adds Martin. Who is KONE KONE offers the best experience of displacement thanks to their program People Flow Experience a series of solutions that allow that the people move of comfortable, safe and smooth form, without needing great delays in the buildings and responding to the demand of a more and more built-up society. KONE provides to their clients the most innovating solutions of a world-wide leader in the industry for elevators, automatic stairs and doors. He is expert in manufacture, installation maintenance and modernization. It is a consolidated company that in the 2007 had net sales of 4,100 million Euros and has around 32,500 employees by everybody.KONE quotes in stock-market of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland.