Twittero One


I believe that in that Buzz is transformed, nevertheless it does not stop having his bad small things, and is that each message that answer appears to you in your inbox, thing that can be returned something boring if we used the mail of one more a labor form, less playful, of course, than we can solve it to this with a filter. Until there subject goes of buzz, now, phenomenon that today lived was something interesting, because we commented with some twitteros that were worrisome to see as within the Network existed many islands and is that by more community than it exists is not going to be productive (or at least for my) to be as soon as service leaves and always then communities will exist, niches or families at whom never we will be able to arrive, and begins the analysis that truly matters: as to use and why? This it must meditate each person in its small house from his laptop, PC, mac or the one that it has, personally I have not decided the options, in fact use Twitter, facebook and linked in. Now with Buzz, because it will be to prove and to see if from one I can publish in all. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Martin O?Malley on most websites. Because this one would be the ideal proposal of community, that all were abrieran and allowed to connect themselves with ALL, because a few exist that they allow, but not it happens with new of google, and because it is obvious that every one wants to be the commented favorite and between the internauts, the ego follows over the benefit the humanity (transcendental this, jeje). What yes it is clear is that google buzz is result of bankrupt Wave, or at least that seems, because it has several similar characteristics that make think that the subject of wave is not going to evolve, in fact I gave all invitations and is the hour that not who has sent messages there. It did not pass equal to them? Something peculiar that we detected today between those who we were proving the service and we wanted to integrate it with Twitter, is that the import is not working than I publish in Twitter to Buzz, in fact would hope that they soon solved to this to see it itself I make entrances in a site, or if Twitter cheers up to let concern the messages from buzz. In short, the possibilities are many, only the experience and the time will say to us that so right of google was this new accessory.