European Union


The evolution of the social democracy and the laborismo Nevertheless, Blair and the Browns are not identified with all the policies that have their socialist groups of comrades in the rest of the continent. While these two British governors have bound his external policies to the USA and their preventive wars, the Socialists of the continent were against to invade Iraq and request immediate the distant one of this country. While the continental Socialists still maintain one preaches socializante, they speak to maintain benefits social or to give to illegal amnesty to , the British laborismo has buried its leftist phraseology or socialist, immigration raises harder restrictions and want to become the main party that it promotes to the private company. Blair and the Browns think that its success consists of to have been distancing to the laborismo of its continental pairs that not yet manage to free themselves of all their leftist past, reason for which, they create, in the majority of the European Union these have been losing the power. The social democracy was the one of arquitectas of the state of social welfare when culminating II World war. Nevertheless, those policies had force when the world accepted many Keynsian measures and the fear to Comunism did that western Europe it would create a mattress of social reforms. However, as the liberal globalisation was advancing and the Soviet block collapsed, that network of social protectionism began to be seen in circles leaders as something expensive and unnecessary (because the red danger had vanished) and as a tie that it prevented to be able to attract capital more or to compete in the world-wide market. From which the communist and socialist parties in noventas were leaving many of their previous leftist postulations and would look for to ingratiate with the model monetarist in height.