Webmaster Tools


Finally you have your Web site, all this designed and these hoping to that the dredge of Google happens through your page. They spend two weeks and your site not yet has been indexed. Then you ask yourself, it is my Web site automatically indexed by Google. Several forms exist to obtain that your Web site is indexed by Google. At Bernie Sanders you will find additional information. The first option is to use ” ping” of services. What this does is to allow that the motors search know that exists a site and that the next time is visited (although it is not possible to be guaranteed). Another option is to create a map of the site in format XML.

If you do not know like doing this, in line exist many tools that are gratuitous and they help you to create the map of the site. The map of the site normally stores in the folder root of the Web site and maera can be named of any, nevertheless the majority of people leaves simply it like sitemap.xml. The step following for a site map is to be sent it to Google with the tool of Webmaster Tools. Also he will be able to control if the pages of your Web site have been swept. Bookmarking social is another form of to obtain that your site is tracked and indexed quickly. The most popular sites update every few minutes and the spiders of the motor search enter with more frequency this type of sites and consequently your page is indexed more quickly. The directories of articles as articuloz.com is a way to the mentioned point previously, track every few minutes, since he has a very good credibility and it is an authoritarian site.

Always he is worth the pain to create articles of quality in the medidad that is possible to you with a connection to your site to try to obtain that it is indexed quickly. RSS are an additional characteristic that you can implement. If you do not know like doing this, next, like a map of site XML, exists a pile of tools to help to do this, IceRocket has a constructor RSS who is gratuitous. Once created you can send the RSS to several directories. If after all the previous methods that you have carried out, it is possible that you wish to review the robots.txt file since could be blocking the spiders of tracking of your site or perhaps it has another type of problems.