Why Metal Doors ?

Metal doors are used in the same areas where doors can be used from any other materials, as well as have a few special applications. Metal doors, made of tailor-made allow harmoniously enrich any design. Front doors of this plan are used to give solidity to the input group, office, cottage or other real estate prestige class. Front doors made of metal have a very high level of security: in addition to a significant decrease in the likelihood of theft or intrusion, these doors can provide protection from bullets or explosions, which is especially important for facilities that require high security (Banks, gun shops, places of accumulation of cash, stores hazardous substances and the like). Metal doors have a very high resistance to fire, and even used as a special partition, allows to locate the fire in case of its occurrence. With the help of metal doors can increase the level of fire safety office to modern European standards. Front doors made of metal, installed on residential, office and administrative facilities, have an excellent level of insulation and soundproofing. Production of doors holds the highest standards and guarantee you that the house will always be warm and tiho.Vhodnye doors made of metal – is one of the most modern and best options for almost any building..