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Why Used Cars Better Than New ?

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the advantages of used foreign cars. Everyone is probably well-known saying: better car – a new car. However, let’s get this always true Why, then, many motorists prefer to used cars? All of the major reasons for purchasing used cars, one way or another connected with money, or rather with their absence. John Mclaughlin describes an additional similar source. Many people, for example, do not want to save for a car a few years or go into debt, take out a loan, so they prefer used cars. Used cars bought by those who had already managed to have the hell of a lot of trouble with the production of the domestic automobile industry, and finally it disappointed, and money for a new foreign car is not enough. Often, not much used cars, buy thrifty and intelligent people are not willing to throw your money away, because they know that the car loses much of its value during the first years of operation, and its technical condition for this time remains at a good level. Used cars are perfect for beginners drivers on our cars more than learn, and buy a new expensive car as a first car impractical. Used cars offer the buyer to choose a car for a few classes above, and, consequently, more comfortable, safer and quality, compared with a new car for the same money. The undoubted pluses concerns and the possibility of a rich selection of various makes and models. Additional information at Michael Chabon supports this article. Would you like German or French car, but you may prefer Japanese cars? No problem – the market can find machines from different manufacturers at reasonable prices. Prefer to choose the older prestige cars, and if the image is not your first, you can buy Used Car newer and simpler.

Car Batteries In Winter

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Leaving your car on the street for a long time in cold weather it is desirable to consider, whether he be got over. After all, in cold weather the battery can sit for a few hours. Certainly such important moments as the tension belt generator, clean car battery terminals, tightening their quality is always essential. Car battery is discharged in the winter much. This lamp, which is now permanently switched on and oven Parking heater and rear window and radio. I think the ideal option to use during the cold period of two batteries. One parking space in the house at night, maybe old, but still a working battery, a second the battery is more than a new one for travel. When changing the batteries to charge them in the apartment with the charger, or just keep warm.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford it. Yes, and pull the batteries home and from home – dubious pleasure. Much easier and more beneficial to take care of proper care and charging. So much for calm and stable operation of the vehicle in cold weather, you should: – check that the contacts mounting location of wires on the battery – the belt of the generator – to insulate the battery and engine compartment insulation material – during prolonged use of parking, the second a more drawn battery to maintain the alarm in working order – check the tightness of the electrolyte – in addition to recharge the battery. Just good at warming up the engine in the morning, and just before the trip, start the engine and some time not to include heating, radio, lights that would give better battery recharge. When storing the car in the garage, it is enough to disable a terminal, if the car does not get off the basic settings for withdrawal of nutrition. In this case there is a slight discharge the battery. During the period of severe frost can be removed the battery and store in a cellar, where the temperature is much higher than on the street. Now many companies offer purchase new batteries at a discount of up to 20%, replacing the old one. Welcome winter with a new, well-charged battery is much safer.


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I propose to take up device turbine car. I think you've heard stories of fans tuning that setting cars on some turbine can significantly increase the capacity of a car engine? I think for You want to find out how it all happens. You first need to understand the basic principle of the engine. The engine seemed to be breathing, breathing air with fuel and producing unnecessary residues from occurring inside the combustion process. In It ignited a mixture of engine and energy is released, which is expressed in ton-capacity.

Thus, each cycle of the engine has four cycles: injection of the fuel mixture, compressing it to the border of stability, ignition and Combustion of strong compression, exhaust. What is so interesting about the device turbo car? Turbine pumps in the engine cylinders additional air, thereby enriching the fuel mixture. In result, the combustion occurs more rapidly and energy is greater, and hence power increases. Official site: US Senator from Vermont. The structure of the turbine is similar to an air pump. The exhaust gases that the engine must produce, unwinding the turbocharger. These blades are made in such a way that allows drag and compress the external fresh air and pumping it into the cylinders.

That's a vicious cycle, without any energy loss, we raise the engine power. When injection of air into the cylinders, he warmed up considerably, and therefore pose cooler, which simultaneously compresses the air. Zamesto this cooler can be the fan side, which performs the identical action. At first glance it might seem that the structure of a turbocharger simple and inexpensive. It's not quite true, because the accuracy of the details of automotive turbine is very high and, therefore, to make them not so easy. Otherwise, the operating results of the turbocharger are obtained are quite different.


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On this occasion, bother not worth it. At the gas station took vial kapnul biocatalyst directly into the gun, and then refueled, as usual. By the way, tankers not even surprised. Not that I'm the first biocatalysts used. They told me that it is better to refuel with the additive in the fuel night to give the car the night stand.

During this time the additive is uniformly spread in gasoline. Well, come on. Sat went. Hour in a traffic jam , no effect on the catalyst is not felt. In the evening, going home – is similar. As if nothing had added. But the next morning, "old lady" has pleased me. In fact, before it runs well.

But for a long time And this time with a twist was got. Next – better. The engine has to work somehow softer. Kilometers a hundred paths seem to be craving increased. Wait, I say to myself, do not rejoice. But the mood has risen, of course. Thirty liters of burnt fuel consumption normal. But on the city roads, I began to feel myself pouverenney. Pressure the pedal once power is felt. At one traffic light, even the Ford walked away. True, maybe there was a sleepy carrier. But still, nice. Previously, after all nobody overtaking. Over the next three weeks refueled with biocatalysts Power Plus mpg four times. Total filled, it turns out, one hundred twenty liters. Check them 140 kilometers. In Moscow, mind you. Found: reduce consumption of gasoline was exactly one liter.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

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A lot of money does not happen. And gasoline too! Any driver only rejoice if the appetite of his car will be less. But here's what cost? For all the good things have to pay, and low fuel consumption is no exception. Let's talk about how to save gasoline, about what should or should not be sacrificed for the sake of the economy. Basics of the relevance gasoline theme usually causes interlocutors genuine interest. But it is necessary to draw the curves of specific costs and result in multi-storey design formulas containing 13 (!) values, as listeners look cloudy. One yawn, but say nothing, do not ask for another fool to his head and explained on his fingers. He will be right a hundred percent.

And although without physics and mathematics can be difficult to formulate a thought, if this is possible – it's easy to understand! To deal with excessive voracity can only be a serviceable vehicle. This is the basis of it to start. Compression in the cylinders engine should be the norm, the power supply system and ignition system are organized, bearing chassis is easy to rotate, and friction linings of brake pads when the vehicle is not idling shkryabat on discs and drums. For fuel economy in the crankcase and gearbox from the recommended plant list is better to pour the oil that the thinner (within reason, of course!). Particular attention is convergence-collapse. In short, keep car in good condition. Even if you are the representative of the minority and fuel consumption do not pay attention – still do not regret it.

Fuel Equipment

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The survey of visitors to our site has shown that about 65 percent of voters have no idea about the device and methods to prevent the fuel system of a diesel car. In this article I will briefly tell us about the main points of the fuel system, as well as highlight issues that may arise during the operation of elements of diesel fuel injection equipment. Many owners of diesel cars mistakenly believe that the fuel system – a pump. Of course, high pressure fuel pump – the most important and technically difficult knot in fuel supply system, but the fuel injection equipment is not limited. Check with Bernie Sanders to learn more. The fuel system must includes a fuel pump (injection pump), fuel line, fuel tank and fuel injectors. To improve the efficiency of diesel engines, reducing emissions into the atmosphere – a modern fuel systems are fitted with fuel injection system – Common Rail.

Fuel equipment for diesel cars is quite stable in work, if you stick something any operating rules and conduct regular preventive maintenance. So there you go. The first and main reason – the fuel of low quality. Be careful with that, than fill up your car. The fuel pump may be badly hit by dirt and dust particles.

If the fuel blower is clogged, then immediately contact the stations – you replace the fuel filter, and fuel pump will run again as new. Sometimes, repairs fphp simply inevitable. If you increased fuel consumption penalty, there is likely a problem with the fuel system and without a diagnosis there could not be avoided. It should be noted, that details of the fuel system of diesel engines are manufactured with precision accuracy, and therefore diagnostic and repair work carried out on special stands. Be careful on the road and do not forget about prevention!