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Seventh Anniversary

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With a well consolidated service of quality and, the 343 workers of the airport Gardens of the King, Coco Key, to the north of the province of Blind person of Avila, they celebrated the seventh anniversary of the creation of that installation, inaugurated the 26 of December of 2002. In that lapse the aerodrome has been in the preference of the travellers (it reaches 98% of acceptance at the moment), whose group has taken care of from its opening the movement of entrance or exit of more than two million of passengers, with time average of stay of only 17 minutes, guaranteed, by the automated control that allows agility in proceedings to the traveller. The Airport Gardens of the King, where it is combined comfort, high tech and professionalism, happens important strategy for the growth and development of the destiny Gardens of the King conformed by the keys the Coco and Guillermo. The airport Gardens of the King, in Coco Key has conditioned air in its halls delay, a control tower, area of parking of vehicles, services traditional, bank, stores, cafeterias, restaurants, day-care centers and a track of three positions of parking and standard extensions international (about 3 200 meters), that they admit the arrival of airplanes of great bearing. In the present winter season the Terminal receives about 30 flights weekly, coming from Canada, England and Argentina, among others, especially of the airlines Thomas Cook, (England), Air Transat, Air Canada and SunWing (Canada), Julia Tour (Argentina) and Cuban of Aviation. Minutes before landing in the aerial track the traveller it can observe unique landscapes, of unusual beauty and splendor a natural paradise within the tourist destiny Gardens of the King bathed by waters of the best quality and purity. It will contemplate in addition, beaches, coralline and abundant wooded vegetation, flamenco reefs pink, put or in the heat of flight.

The Terminal is located to about 10 km of the hotel network of Coco Key and approximately 30 km of the one of Key Guillermo. To small barren islands &quot can also be arrived by earth through the national network of highways and; pedrapln" constructed on the sea. The opinions of those who have visited the small barren island very positive and are described as true wonder: If you want to enjoy the nature in pure state, of virgin zones of the wild and paradisiac atmosphere, in Coco Key you will be able to dream of pretty it because it is a totally tourist site, but where first of all the nature has been respected; its constructions and maintained development goes directed to it Moved away of the bullicio of the great cities, enjoying of the rest and the tranquillity that the virgin only offers you, the pure thing. It is a destiny forced for all that one that wants to know the wonders this world and will be able to altogether see unique way and animal species and plants authenticity. From the Gardens of the King the holidaymakers to accede to other destinies, essentially with the Aerocaribean airline, in excursions to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Havana and itineraries combined with other Cuban tourist destinies. Hotels and car in Cuba Hotels and cars in Mexico Original author and source of the article.

German Quality

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Opel Corsa – German quality in miniature. Beautiful and memorable fleeting body design. Dazzling details. Excellent workmanship. Excellent maneuverability. Amazing efficiency. As a result – constant source of positive emotions in the daily bustle of the city.

Inside, all the Opel Corsa to the subject of trivia convenience of the occupants. Driver's seat is built so that all necessary steps on the road occurred with minimal time and attention. The range of adjustment the steering wheel and seat allows you to find the best position for a person of any stature. Electric power steering saves power when the driver parking and maneuvering at low speeds, developing maximum force when it is needed without taking power from the engine. Built-in double cabin air filter, air conditioner and efficient heating system is wrapped a trip of any duration in a pleasant trip. Opel engineers have implemented a revolutionary breakthrough, offering for Corsa gearbox called Easytronic.

This automatic transmission that is based on mechanical, allows the car to have the best momentum booster and fuel efficiency compared with conventional counterparts. Gaining much attention and solutions in the field of active and passive safety. Possessing the most great in the classroom and the steering wheel base elastokinematicheskoy suspension, Opel Corsa has an excellent stability and handling. Other leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman offer similar insights. Air bags, seat belts with pyrotechnic pretensioners and patented System of a self disconnect the pedals in the event of a catastrophe makes the car even safer and more reliable. Opel Corsa achieved prestigious European awards AUTOBEST 2007. After the conquest of most prestigious European automotive awards, the new Corsa has been shown at the exhibition AUTOBEST 2007, which took place February 14 in Budapest, where she became unquestionable winner. During the presentation of this prestigious award was Hans Demant (Hans Demant), disposing of director of Opel. The prize is awarded AUTOBEST 2007 on the conclusion of the jury, composed of 13 journalists from leading automotive publications in Eastern and Central Europe. The new Corsa is the first, ahead of Fiat Grande Punto and Peugeot 207. "We are extraordinarily pleased that the Corsa received such universal recognition in a highly dynamic segment of mini-cars ", – said Hans Demant (Hans Demant). Reputation of the new Opel Corsa as a "universal favorite," was supported by more than a dozen awards, acquired the entire Europe: Denmark, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, the new Corsa, the car was found – by both journalists and experts. And in Switzerland, Norway and Germany, was named best mini-car Best Small Car. In addition, 150 German, Austrian and Swiss Auto Journalists was named best new Corsa Car of the Year 2007 Top Car 2007". Interesting details and luxury car models in 2007 can be found here. AUTOBEST winner chosen by 13 criteria. For each criterion shall be awarded a different number of points, depending on importance. The most important measure is the balance of price and quality for which you can earn up to 60 points out of 240 maximum total assessment for all yardsticks. Other important criteria, such as spending on maintenance, capacity, coverage dealer network, as well as the availability of service and spare parts are valued at a 20-point scale. The highest score for design is 30 points. Other options: adaptability, handling, dynamics and degree of impact on the environment is also taken into account.

Fuel Consumption

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New opel Antara – a crossover that is almost car for the city and its environs, but not steep jeep Buerakov and swamps. The owner of this car is not likely to have its off-road capabilities of the full program. In normal conditions Antara – front-wheel drive car with all its well-known advantages. ** The material is a network of service stations to repair engine Mercedes. O’Malley for President may also support this cause. Opel is a brand in the world market foothold, based on four 'pillars' to build cars – multifunctional and flexible cabin configuration – power and dynamism – modern and unique design – the latest information and entertainment systems. Thus, the characteristics of the new opel antara: Engine capacity 2.405 3.195 or a maximum power (kW (hp) / at rpm / min) 103 (140) / 5200 and 167 (227) / 6600, respectively, acceleration to 100 km.ch. – Ramp-up time 11.9 and 8.8 seconds, top speed 175 and 203, Fuel Consumption l/100km: Urban cycle 13.3 and 16.4, Extra-urban cycle 7.3 and 8.9 is amazing, but it was the first opel antara model, descended from the Russian assembly line in St. Petersburg.

Production of the compact SUV deployed in the free workshops Machine-Building Plant "Arsenal", which specializes in the production of naval weapons systems, space equipment and civil engineering. Rent-free shops at the "Arsenal" will concern General Motors (Opel – a division of GM) do primary test market before the start of mass production, and Russian companies – to solve some financial problems due to the small number of government orders. Complex assembly at GM, "Arsenal" will last until the end construction of a permanent plant by General Motors in Shushary near St. Petersburg. The volume of production at Opel Antara "Arsenal" in 2008 will reach approximately 2,500 vehicles per year. Antara Prices start in the base set of 26 $ 850.