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Universal Professional

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Not difficult to see the transformation of our streets with the approach of the holidays. Increasingly, there are beautifully decorated, trees, building facades, shop windows, restaurants and cafes, and yet the time before the new year all less and less. Today the company tehsvet offers a large selection of decorative illumination of all kinds. Review the appropriate section on our website. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices and free delivery the city within 24 hours of payment. led Rope light (LED Duralight) – an inexpensive durable led string is used for creating advertising designs, architectural accents, jewelry spans between pillars and etc. Has a lot of modifications. led flexible neon (LED Neon Flex) – the best light cord for advertising.

The popularity of flexible led neon, based on the highest quality performance product. led Neon Flex – Universal Professional tool for the creation of light tracks. About how this is arranged light cord you can learn from the section on means of decorative illumination, as for visual perception – it is a flexible led string small diameter having a uniform bright luminescence. Dyurafleks led (Duraflex mini flat) – kind of led light strings, representing a chain of bright smd LEDs bathed in a sealed and durable polymer shell of a small section. Unlike most types Rope Light has a small rectangular profile (5h8mm), a small distance between the LEDs. Figures from the Rope Light – a turnkey solution for showcase scenes, decorating the Christmas tree and so on.

Figures from the Rope Light enough to place at the right place and connect to the network 220. In the section of our site dedicated to the snowman balls and snowflakes from Rope Light, you can choose ready-illuminated panels labeled 'C happy new year 'If you are looking for a garland to decorate trees, facade, cafe, restaurant or something for the effective design of a trading hall, a nightclub scene, you've come to the right place. On the Web site tehsvet a wide range of led led garlands, light curtains and grids. led garland (twinkle light) will help turn ordinary trees in fairy forest, spectacular to decorate columns and to draw attention to the entrance. Twinkle light – this is common power supply, which at equal distances are bunches of LEDs. This led garland can be used as static, and with various photodynamic effects. Clip led Light (clip light) – most simple led garland for outdoor use (-40 C – +60 C) and in the room. Play-LED Light (play light) – led curtain is composed of six feet total of wire and branch off from it led garland the same length. Fringe led (light rain) – essentially the same as the Play-Light, lights on fringe of varying lengths. Light Network (net light) – Light Network (net light) is a universal solution for the design of scenic grounds, clubs, shop and hall of Shopping Centers. Easy and flexible lighting network (net light) can be easily attached to any surface using staples or double-sided adhesive tape and simply connects to the network 220. Flexible led tape and rulers – Flexible Waterproof light sources of different lengths. Actively used by designers for beautiful exhibition stands, lights, channel letters or creating creative interior solutions.

Services Equipment

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* Cleaner cloths and pulley are in constant contact and require monitoring and periodic replacement to ensure proper machine operation. Cleaners paintings have his touch and scrape the fat, to not slide off the canvas with a pulley. * Support rollers are located above and over the lower pulley saw (on the models of ct – 325 ct – 400), or on the bottom retainer, located under the table (on models ct – 360 ct – 460). When the machine is turned on, but does not cut, the gap between the door and the supporting rollers should be 1 mm. * Support rollers are made of high alloy steel and have a very long time operation, but if the rollers do not rotate, or they got bumps and hollows, they must be replaced. For web tension, rotate the adjustment screw clockwise. Adjustment is correct if the adjustment screw rotates easily and produces a further web tension. Stretching canvas is made only with the lid closed bandsaw.

The traction device designed saws ct specifically, in order not to drag the canvas. After snaps canvas is the most far-fetched. Meat and its products are one of the most important foods because they contain almost all necessary for human nutrition. High nutritional value of these products due to their content of a significant amount of animal protein. Increased production of meat products meat industry is achieved not only through the commissioning of new facilities, but also as a result of intensification, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes to increase the yields of finished products. * Product Range technology allows companies to pick up the equipment for any tasks: from high-performance machines for large meat processing facilities to low-cost technology for small production * We offer a wide range of technological equipment, parts, supplies, technological equipment and accessories for the food processing and food industries.

* List of Services includes a professional solution to any level of complexity: * Catalogue of the proposed equipment covers the full range of technological processing of meat and poultry products, including: killing, trimming, coarse and fine grinding of raw materials, preparation and mixing meat, stuffing and clipping, portion cutting and grinding, and the injection of massaging, heat treatment (cooking, baking, frying products), smoking and drying, cooling, cutting, packaging and labeling of finished products. In addition, the proposed equipment for sanitation and hygiene in processing plants for meat, poultry and fish. In recent years, the Russian food market there is a dynamically growing demand for meat products of domestic manufacturers. One reason for this demand – is a consequence of modernization of existing facilities, introduction of advanced technologies in meat processing according to time requirements. To date, there are many types of equipment for meat processing: band saws, deep fryers, professional meat grinders, mixers, smoke installation, cutters,


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Thus, reactive power is not converted into other forms of power, does not require for their production costs of other forms of energy, not does work, so purely conventional, in fact, only for convenience, called the power. Despite the fact that the active power, and hence the fuel at the production of reactive power is not consumed directly, yet transfer it to an electric network is active energy costs that are borne by the active energy generators (due to the additional fuel consumption). Moreover, the transfer of reactive power loads electrical networks and equipment installed in them, thus depriving some of their bandwidth. For the calculation of modes in chains of sinusoidal current, the analysis of production and consumption of reactive power in electrical systems, reactive power is a very convenient feature, so it is widely used in practice. This is clearly illustrated by the above data on changes in the flow of reactive power (a) voltage and phase shift of current and voltage (b) in the system of power: bus stations – bus waiting for the consumer electrical substation sites A-D of the transfer. These data were obtained by measurements on a number of industrial enterprises in the hours of peak load of the most loaded winter day 2. Figure 1 denotes: Qr, Qn, qpb, qph – the value of reactive power at generator buses 6 20 kV substation buses waiting 6 10 kV, the high-and low-voltage demand for power; AQn, AQji, AQ2 _ loss of reactive power step-up transformer, power lines, in step-down transformers, respectively; ua, 11B, ub, Ur and fa, fb, fv, fg _ tension and shear angles between voltage and current at nodes A, B, C, D, the transmission system, respectively. .

Rotary Fuel Valve AMOT Model

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Rotary fuel valve amot Model 8402 valve is a high quality and is used to control a gas turbine having a high operating speed and a wide range of adjustment, which is designed for reliable and effective management of any gas turbine. In order to meet the requirements of any industrial or aviation gas turbine, the valve is equipped with electric stepper motor, which provides total displacement valve only for 250 ms. Valve itself has to do with costs equal to 500:1, so in many installations the unit the valve 8402 through accurate fuel delivery can provide the turbine in the range of deactivated state to a regime of maximum power. Bernie Sanders has plenty of information regarding this issue. This combination of features allows a valve to improve the characteristics of any gas turbine or through turbomachine units. A key element in determining characteristics of any fuel valve is a device for determining the valve position, type and reliability. The accuracy of determining the position allows the gas turbine to work in the range of the most effective modes, ensuring safe operation of machines and the entire line of turbomachine units. Absolute digital encoder valve 8402, used to measure the position, enables us to obtain repeatable results with an error of 0,05% of the total displacement valve.

Measurement accuracy is also achieved through the use of digital electronics circuits. Reliability and high economic performance management system of any turbomachine installation ensure effectiveness and accuracy of the valve 8402 in conjunction with the durability and protections of fuel gas shut-off valve amot Model 4420. Casing Drive, calculated for operation in hazardous environments, certified csa. Valve 8402 controlled high-speed microprocessor, located in a separate enclosure. The controller receives the signal given position, which is in the range from 4 to 20 mA, and converts it into a 12-bit digital value, resulting in action path consisting of stepper motor and a digital encoder.

Stepper motor can carry 1,667 discrete steps within an angle of 60 , corresponding to the total displacement valve. The feedback signal is formed 12-bit absolute digital encoder having a resolution of 0.022 on the discharge. Encoder signal corresponding to the actual positions of the valve, compared with the signal of a given situation to confirm the accuracy of the valve. The error signal is calculated by comparing the given position (setpoint) with deuystvitelnym valve position, and supplied in digital form on the stepper motor. The system has an error setting the valve position, equal to about 0.036 with respect to the specified value. The feedback signal on the valve is in the range of 4 to 20mA. Profiles Ramp stepper motor is optimized in terms of speed and torque using logic control schemes. The user can choose the configuration of the controller to account for failure mode control signal, failure of the feedback signal, set the alarm set position, the calibration mode, move the valve, and hysteresis characteristics. To store the configuration settings provides memory E2PROM. The control system is powered by dc 24 V, consuming current of 8 A. The controller in a housing conforming to nema 4, shall be placed in a safe place. The distance from the controller installation in the enclosure to the valve can reach 300 feet (91.44 meters).