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Brazilian Water

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It is important to remember that for the implantation of systems of rationalization of the use of the water, it has that to consider itself, however, some aspects restrictive how much to the water proceeding from I reuse either of the type external macro, either of the type internal macro. Michael Chabon may also support this cause. In the case of it I reuse macro external, the water use of I reuse proceeding from stations of treatment of effluent of domestic origin can after be reaproveitada systems of conventional treatment for presenting low toxicity. The water of I reuse proceeding from effluent stations of treatment of urban for industrial processes has been used, predominantly, in systems of refrigeration, special, the enterprises located next to the Stations to Treatment of Effluent. In the case of it I reuse macro internal is necessary to have conscience that it integrally does not substitute the water necessity of an industrial plant, therefore exist limitations of order operational and ambient technique, that restrict the use of systems closed-circuit. Moreover, I reuse it macro internal must after be carried through an integrated evaluation of the use of the water in the plant. It is important to have in mind that before if to think I reuse about it of effluent of the proper company, is necessary to implant measured for the otimizao of the consumption and reduction of losses and wastefulnesses, beyond awareness programs.

To acquire knowledge is not an easy task. According to Pablo Freire, celebrity Brazilian educator, today recognized internationally, nobody educates nobody, nobody acquires knowledge nobody, nobody educates sozinho1. The human being is born the same with potential for the learning and development, but nor always this occurs igualitariamente, mainly how much to the ambient aspects. These had delayed much time to be seen as something really essential in the life them people. However, the beginning or continuity of this work is a basic condition for any program of reduction in the consumption of the natural resources, as the water.


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Caffeine is a substance that is naturally in some plants or that can be produced synthetically. Used as an additive in some food products, but above all we know it by its appearance in the coffee and coca cola, one of the most widely consumed beverages, especially daily. Although caffeine has good properties, you can also create addiction or be bad for things such as pressure, speed up the nerves, etc. So there are many people who need to remove take substances with caffeine, as they can be the coke or coffee. We must be clear a series of recommendations to remove the consumption of coffee (you can do the same with coca cola or other foods with caffeine) without feeling the consequences too. Excessive Caffeine consumption can lead to showing excessive urination, restlessness, anxiety, depression, nervousness, nausea, vomiting, tremors and even difficulty sleeping.

There are many people who need large quantities of coffee to carry the day to day. A considered excessive amount to more than 10 cups a day, a normal amount can get 3 cups daily, but the fact is that if you consume a daily Cup you may notice the effects leave coffee consumption. Some of the effects leave the caffeine, even if only for a day, can be seen in headache, fatigue, inability to concentrate, drowsiness, irritability, anxiety or even depression. Ideally, be leaving the coffee slowly, especially if taken in large quantities, reduces consumption even change any cups of coffee that are taken for decaffeinated coffee. Finally substitute your doses of coffee per water, juices or other drinks healthier. Besides, you have to learn to relax to reduce the risks of leaving the caffeine, do some exercise and new lifestyle habits to help you stop the caffeine without problems.

BITMi Notes: IT Buyers Require ISO 9001 Certification

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Increasingly, buyers from their suppliers demand proof of ISO 9001 compliance. ISO 9001 certifications are carried out today in 176 countries. The number of certified companies in the EU rose since 1995 to five times. Alone approximately 230,000 companies of People’s Republic of China are already certified. So IS0 9001 comparison standard for quality management systems today is the global de facto to the targeted improvement of products, processes and services. ISO 9001-certified providers prove their ability to maintain quality standards and to develop. As a result, it is used by many certified companies as a marketing tool, to convince their customers of their products and services.

ISO 9001 is becoming increasingly important in the area of information technology (IT). Bernie Sanders is full of insight into the issues. More and more customers, so the Association registers IT-Mittelstand, proof of their IT suppliers the ISO 9001, for example, reported a member firm, which set up the infrastructure for an automobile manufacturer, that ISO 9001 is an important characteristic when evaluating business supplier”, reported Dr. Oliver Grun, Chairman of the Federal Association of IT-Mittelstand, whose own company that the Green Software AG, is already certified according to ISO 9001. It is not only the classic quality management sectors of automobile production or plant construction, which require the proof of quality, many authorities or service organizations have recorded in the meantime ISO 9001 as a condition in their procurement policies. Without ISO 9001 is excluded the company from the bidding process, playful so the chance of winning before the race.

This is understandable insofar as ISO 9001 certified client companies want to ensure compliance with the quality standards declared by them to the public across the entire value chain”explains Oliver Grun. This trend to the ISO is reinforced therefore continually 9001-conformity party than the establishment the eight principles of quality management according to ISO 9001 include consensual and more beneficial supplier relationships”. ISO 9001 is a sign of the times. But what can small and medium-sized IT companies (IT SMEs) undertake, which have few resources and are busy with day-to-day operations not to be suspended? “We have provided us also this question by the Federal Association of IT-Mittelstand and developed the ISO 9001 certification of Federation”, explains green and continues: this system, in which several companies join forces, uses synergies and can reach so the ISO 9001 certification at lowest cost and maximum conservation of resources ‘. Already in 2009, could be certified in a first composite correctly 13 IT companies in this way and now each have an independent ISO 9001 certificate. The second group launches expected in May 2010. Already quite a few IT SMEs managed to convince participate, so among other things the asis soft and Hardware GmbH, the codia Software GmbH, the electronic compact Enterprise Systems GmbH, the Equitania Software GmbH, the PSB-professional solutions for business GmbH and the Silverstroke AG.