Alte Messe

2 distributions that prospecting over the values were. Beginning of December there was a distribution i. H. v. 50 percent for investors of the Fund No. 1 so you have Get your entire spent Kommanditkapital investors back already. The investors of the Fund No. 2 received a distribution of i.

H. v. 20 percent. This was twice as high as originally forecast by the issue prospectus. Last but not least the publity AG could take their new headquarters in autumn 2012 after a record construction period of only 10 months on the Alte Messe in Leipzig, the publity Center. Approx.

3,500 m sq area staff of publity now optimal working conditions find – starting with bright offices, through efficient archive areas up to to a functional Conference Center with State-of-the-art media technology. Thomas Olek: “the cover of the new headquarters is a milestone for the further growth of the publity financial group. We have created optimal conditions, to improve our work processes and to be able to offer our partners and investors an excellent service.” Total investment for the publity Center amounted to approximately EUR 6 million. “By the great commitment of our employees and partners could we so successfully make this year”, says Thomas Olek. “But we’re going big in the coming years and have already set the course. Publity is optimally equipped to emit high-yielding closed-end funds even after introduction of the AIFM directive. We have made all preparations, to be able to achieve an above-average growth in the coming years.” About the publity financial group – the publity financial group has “track record” a 7-year-old relative to the purchase and recovery of non-performing loans (NPLs). Currently, publity edit a NPL amounting to more than EUR 4 billion and making it one of the market leaders of the independent Servicers in Germany. Fund closed as an issuer, Fund, provides publity performance publity its investors an investment product that combines the aspects of yield, safety and duration in an ideal ratio. With the newly built and in the autumn of 2012 headquarters in Leipzig, as well as offices in London and Luxembourg, which is publity both partners by banks, institutional investors, but also by family offices and private investors. The Board of publity AG, Thomas Olek and Christoph Blacha, involved different memberships in association organizations also personally for the creation and compliance with quality standards for the trading and servicing loans. The publity AG has ushered in a new era in terms of transparency. With the presented October 2012 first transparency report, which is published twice a year in the future, report on the investments and the revenue development of all fund companies puts publity in detail. “In such a sensitive area, such as the NPL market transparency and openness is a decisive factor. The investors and distributors receive a detailed insight into the business activities of the publity, with the transparency report”explains Frank Schneider, Chairman of the Board of publity AG and partner of the law firm CMS Hasche sigle. More information about publity AG on the Web pages and. Press contact: Oliver Obermann IMMO MEDIA CONSULT spark Burgstrasse 23, 04105 Leipzig phone 0341.90 97 90 00 telefax 0341.90 97 90 97