H & Z Is Excellent

Especially appreciated by women and older employees fairness and team spirit are two of the strongest aspects which make it one of the most popular employers in Germany’s h & z. With the seal Germany’s best employer 2013 “are awarded for their attractiveness and the quality of their work. Employees appreciate especially the trustworthy, appreciative and motivating atmosphere at h & z, so the independent jury. Compared to the average of the top ten employers of in Germany an above average number of employees say that the company offers a very good job at h & z. Poet has much to offer in this field. Including women and older employees agree with this statement. We know the importance of a positive working atmosphere. Investment in the workplace culture are valuable means for us to promote productivity and quality, and hence the employee satisfaction”, says Thomas Zachau, founder and CEO of h & e. awarded is the award since 2002 each year by the great place to work Institute, funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs in the framework of the initiative new quality of work. “Cooperation partner network are the demographics” and the Handelsblatt”and the staff magazine” as media partners, the University of Cologne as a scientific partner and the job exchange step tone. This year, over 500 companies have on the great place to work “benchmark study to work culture took part. Credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit are the investigated and evaluated categories. The net result based two-thirds on employee surveys and a third on a culture audit”to the staff and management work, assessed by an independent jury. What is a consultancy to the best employer? Consulting firms like h & z stand for a new workplace culture in the industry. In Central criteria they meet the needs of workers to employers for them that meets also on the expectations of women and older Workers to.