Gas, oil and coal are fragments of the past, only who they want – it is just those of their mines and sells It is they inhibit the active projects on the development and introduction of new, cheap and safe energy sources – this is the end for them. Oil and gas industry – is already dead. And they are just waiting for when they will assign to the cemetery. We will learn to release the tremendous energy of the smallest particles of matter and got a really unlimited its sources. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Chabon. Moreover, we will create machines that are capable of recombining atoms substance, convert and produce matter from any raw material. Remember the “Sorcerer’s Stone” No longer a secret that shit, and gold are composed of the same elements, but in different combinations.

In the near future, we able to produce any desired matter to us in the right quantities – uranium, iron, basalt – yes anything. And yet we are destined to become a space race The Earth is just our temporary home, and, alas, the house is not too robust and reliable. The fate of the dinosaurs is very instructive It is vital to move beyond Earth, to learn to survive and thrive on other planets and in outer space. This is a major strategic objective. On Actually our new home will not even be the planet Mars or any other. No solar system or our galaxy. Our house becomes a boundless cosmos.

If we are able to penetrate the secrets of the universe, to seize power Cosmos, to understand its laws, we become God-man race! We will become nadchelovecheskim Mind, who will rule the universe, we are able to manipulate time and space, we will write new laws of life and create a world where no would not impossible. I know – we can! And some of us will become the new God, the Father of the new world and a new time vii. xxxxxxx We choose the future, the choice for us. And let this option be Mind! Inquisitive mind Russian man. Mind of the Creator! Mind of a man with a good heart and good intentions. And we will not hurt to do this that is so despised in humans “Great Helmsman”. There are only three vice – The weakness, laziness and stupidity.