Wish List

Then consider what exactly you want to have elements of landscape design on your site, Make a Wish List. Next necessary to determine the size, the area you want to allocate for each zone garden, each element of landscape design. Zones should be the natural shape: not too narrow in shape, not too small, or Conversely, the vast area. Think about the location of the tracks. And then you can specify the relative accessories, flowers, shrubs, etc. Model landscaping your garden, a plot of land to your liking, acquainted with the basic styles of landscape design. Landscape style is based on the principle of natural vegetation and landscape characterized by the absence of geometric constructions.

Landscape style otherwise call signs .Osnovnymi landscape style are: the predominance of winding paths in the landscape design, improper form of ponds and playgrounds, which are an integral part of landscape design; loose grouping of trees, shrubs and flowers, imitating the natural growth in the natural landscape. Highest example of landscape design in landscape style is nature itself. Classic style Landscape design is characterized by: clear-cut geometric shapes of objects of improvement: the tracks, playgrounds, gazebos, ponds, reservoirs, geometric perfection of the objects of improvement stress neat landscaping elements: clipped hedges of shrubs, flower beds of well preserving the form of bright colors. Classic style is also called regulyarnym.Klassicheskie gardens of Europe is second to none examples of classical style in landscape design. You can also select the Russian style, where the landscape compositions of the present plants, reminiscent of the meadow: bluebells, forget-me, and chamomile – and be sure to stand apart birch and mountain ash.